How Long Until Edmonton Cleans House?

This is just your typical Riders green Kool-Aid haterade talking again.

It’s not a problem with Harris in Edmonton.


I’ve been there man…it’s not fun.

You mean Edmonton is not fun?

Pretty much.

Next October Edmonton fans will be basking in 2nd place right behind the Bombers after a tumultuous off season ‘front office flush’ that brought back a certain ‘Defensive Consultant’ who was biding his time in Toronto. Meanwhile Trevor Harris will have miraculously morphed into the CFL’s leading MOP candidate and the toast of the town in Edmonton.

By then the Bombers will have fixed their kicking game by limiting FG attempts to 25 yards or less. They’ll be invincible. :grin:

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No. I’ve been to Edmonton and had a blast. I meant as an Alouette fan…
Commiserating with a fan who’s team is freefalling.

Yes…I agree Edmonton can be a great place to live. It has really come alive. Very underrated.

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One place that Jones is not going is Edmonton. The Board there hates him.

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Maybe it’s his mouthwash. He gets results…

i don't think the fans would allow his rehire.

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I equate Trevor Harris with guys who can’t win in the playoffs when it counts.

Such as Masoli and Cody Fajaja.

There’s no question Harris is infinitely better than Matt Nichols.

He’s also MUCH better than Vern Adams. Also vastly superior to Bethel Thompson and Arbuckle in Toronto.

Harris, Masoli and Fajaja - - in any order - - are the #4/#5/#6 QBs in the league.

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I think Tuesday would be a great day for such housecleaning.

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Brock Sunderland still has 2 full seasons remaining on his contract. Probably the same applies to Jaime Elizondo. Noel Thorpe has 1 more season left.

With teams losing millions of dollars due to covid & with the league implementing a front office salary cap, I think it would be tough for Edmonton to fire both Sunderland and Elizondo. Much easier to blame covid, high-priced players who under-performed, or even a lower-level position coaches.

That would work in a market like Toronto, BC or Montreal where nobody really cares about the CFL, but I can’t see Edmonton fans waiting patiently until 2024 to get rid of Elizondo and Sutherland.

harris is good at throwing 5 yard passes but so am i. You are correct you look up average in the dictionary and you get his picture

Harris is still hurt I bet. Play the backup for rest of season to get experience as he has played actually not bad and let Harris heal. Next year will tell the tale whether Harris is in fact still the QB for the team and, if not, they have at least one QB with some game experience if he is not.

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Next year, next year…said the Bombers Re: Nichols…
You don’t want to fall into that trap like us.

Edit… just for Area51, Bomber’s Brain trust Re: Popgun Nichols,

Not a fan of the current regime. However the offseason was unlike any before it, they weren't sure they were going to be able to play. The decision was made pretty close to go time. Hervey was the last GM I liked and even he wasn't the best. Not sure a revolving door policy in the office is good, even though it's pretty clear they receive little to no love from the EE fateful

No, I think all the fooling with the six game and Harris was to clear cap space for Moncrief to play.

The only way to get through to anyone is ticket sales. The problem is when they loose them there is the inevitable off season “we need community support” crap. You are in the entertainment business, if you are not entertaining you don’t sell tickets.

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Putting Trevor Harris on the 6-game injured list for 1 or 2 weeks saves zero money off the salary cap. Harris would need to stay for the full 6 games to make a difference.

Eliminating Jacob Ruby's salary probably was significant though as Canadian offensive lineman typically make more money than other positions besides QB.

If Edmonton fires both Sunderland and Elizondo, how much would they have to spend for replacements? Maybe not much as they might just promote within and give them a few extra bucks to handle multiple duties. Would you even want Noel Thorpe as your HC? His teams' record with him as a DC is under .400.