How Long Until Edmonton Cleans House?

Edmonton’s season has been a complete failure this year - - am I allowed to say that without having Bozo the Sutherland demand that I’m banned for life from this forum?

As I explained when he was hired, Jamie Elizondo is absolutely incapable of being the head coach if a professional football team.

How long until Elizondo and Sutherland are mercifully fired and replaced by professionals with a basic understanding of football?


Short Season might save them an early exit but gone the day after Grey Cup at the latest

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But there is a lot of high priced talent who have checked out early. Bigger changes than Coach and GM required. A new culture as it were. Remind me why they changed the old one


7 minutes.

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Say what you want about Rusty Tillman being a total gong show off the field, but he certainly knew how to build a championship level CFL team.

Huge step down from Tillman to the Ed Hervey/Chris Jones tandem - - impossible to decide which of those two has the bigger ego.

But the current braintrust is definitely the worst coach/GM combo in the league.


Not making many friends are they? Maybe they should invite Desjardins over from Ottawa for a lesson in house cleaning and popularity

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Chris Jones will be back in Edmonton soon , next year for sure ?

Tilman & Jumbo Jim Barker will vie for the GM spot once Sunderland is driven to the edge of town. Brendan Taman wants back into the league but his CV shows a ton of warts & really odd decisions. Under the right guy Taman could still serve as a junior executive.
As for coaches to replace the in over his head Jamie Elizondo - The Snapper, Chris Jones comes to the top of the list, although Jones may be waiting for the current Argo coach to step on a trip wire.
After that, the usual suspects - Noel Thorpe, Buck Pierce, Plop (if he's relieved of his duties in the nation's capital).
Highly unlikely but I wouldn't rule out Dave Dickenson. If there's a shakeup in Calgary - DD could be looking for a job - and what better way to exact revenge than staying in the same province

You would have to pickup players who aren't playing anywhere. Everyone who is good is already playing in the CFL/NFL. Know of any that could replace the current crop?

Who in their right minds would think Trevor Harris has what it takes?

Guy may have won a GC but has always been a average QB.

Also Elizondo as HC????

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Harris was the backup to Burris when they won .

He did take them to the GC alone later .

Harris is good if he can sit back and launch his ball lops . If there is good pressure he has trouble getting those lops up and over the D the same way .

He requires a great O line and a RB who can block .

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Harris can make reads and throw strikes a well as anybody in this league. he was well on his way to a passing title in 2019 before injury.

Edmonton is loaded with talent but is going nowhere. They can't even use the injury excuse because teams like Hamilton and Sask and even Ottawa have had far more injury issues than the Elks have had.

They have an offense that has moved the ball well between the 20s (last night excepted) but can't finish. They have a decent to good defense that just doesn't force turnovers, and they have had bungling special teams almost all year. All signs point to coaching. If they can fix that, it could solve most if not all of their issues - without tossing their all-star QB in the waste bin.

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Guess who the OC and QB coach is in Edmonton? Same guy who’s also the HC.

Elizondo is totally unqualified to be a HC, let alone have that many job titles - - but ZERO surprise the paranoid little dictator, Bozo the Sutherland, would hire his buddy from Ottawa.


I’ve never liked his game since I first saw him play in Toronto, but Harris is a serviceable QB.

Certainly not close to the level of superstars like Mike Reilly or Ricky Ray, but he’s equivalent to guys like Jer Masoli and Cody Fajaja - - good enough to win with a great supporting cast and OC but will never carry a team to a championship.

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The management team from GM Brock Sunderland on down should have been gone well before the start of the season. And Coach Jaime Elizondo should also be gone if the Elks don't pull off a victory against the Bombers at home this coming week.

The Elks absolutely positively must go into the last week of the season in which they play two games with playoff hopes still alive. Otherwise the whole rescheduling exercise will prove to have been an unnecessary make-work project and thus a travesty.


I'd rank him 8th when it comes to starting qbs. Better than Nichols but that's about it

So you equate him to two recent divisional MOP qbs then?

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All that said and done I am surprised at how EE have lost the plot. Continuity, consistency, core.

We are now blaming HC and GM. Not sure what has gone awry there but they need to have a deep review. There probably is a job for a retired capable football guy to look thinks over. The rot might be in the BOG and presidents desk too.

Imagine EE having 3-4 GMs in 5 years. That's ridiculous and is definitely not the EE way. Guess those days are long gone.

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i have no idea if he has the desire or chops but I imagine that Ricky Ray would be more than welcomed to have a role with the team be it in coaching or front office.

Dave Fennell would have great credibility in doing a review of the team and organization. Long time very successful HOF player, long term career as an Edmonton lawyer and business leader in town. Very smart guy and an Edmontonian forever. I have faith in him getting to the bottom of what has gone wrong there.

It is important to know this about Edmonton. The fans demand that their leaders live in Edmonton year round and exhibit Edmonton pride. Jason Maas is such a guy and its really too bad how it ended for him. He could reemerge as well.

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Plug Harris into Winnipeg's offense and he'd do way better.

Why? Winnipeg has a better offensive line, better coaching, better special teams (which leads to better field position) and a shutdown defense that takes the pressure off the offense.

By the fourth quarter there's usually no urgency to mount a comeback. If 'Trevor Harris' was in Winnipeg he'd be handing off to 'Andrew Harris' to kill the clock instead of running for his life trying to reverse a hopeless situation. :grin: