How long till the schid hits the fan?

I know his numbers had dipped… for those of you who really follow the D-line closely, have the other D-linemen simply done better, to the point of him not deserving to dress?
I remember his mentor Stewart going down a similar path in his latter years… beloved, vocal leader of the D-line being cast aside, wasn’t pretty.

As if we didn’t have enough issues with the clusterf#ck on offense, now this.

There is a difference between reducing reps of a veteran and benching him. Bowman knapton and kavarias is our best combination at DE. Treating Bowman like this will impact this teams ability to retain and acquire vets. There is a reason Ted Laurent who is and loves this city.chose exile last year.

Clown show needs to be cleaned up. This team needs a real HC who will stick it to popp when is required and can run his own show.

Guess the question is if they only dress two which is the best duo?

You cannot possibly convince me that Aaron Lavarias, a rotation guy who plays at DE or linebacker, is going to be a better solution at defensive end in the long term than John Bowman. Start Knapton at one end and rotate Bowman and Lavarias on the other end to keep them fresh. Get Edem onto the roster and get that useless sack of crap Jesse Joseph off the roster, stat. And if we're really worried about DE depth, why not give Markell Carter a call? He had a great training camp, by all accounts.

Dress two DE and six running backs. That alone is grounds to fire their arz.

To clarify, NOT advocating dressing only two, but if the coaches make that choice then two is the limit.

Yuuuup. ESPECIALLY when we don't even run the damn ball enough / well and our idiot OC only has more than one of 'em on the field at the same time once in a blue moon.

[i]Well said. Last game, Bowman was benched and Rutley dressed. The first time Rutley was used was in the 3rd quarter!!!For duck sakes, if you dress him USE HIM!

This benching of Bowman is absolute bullship! Johnny hopes Bowman is traded to Edmonton or Calgary and wins a Grey Cup! What a douchebag way of treating a valued veteran who still leads the team in sacks. This despite playing in that MORONIC RUSH 3 DROP 9 scheme!!!

John Bowman, know that we the fans know you are getting the short straw. This fan blames the coaching staff 100%? :cowboy: [/i]

John is a Montrealer. He's adopted this city. This ain't right. Have fun trying to sell that crew to ticket buyers Mark...

TS must have read this post ... they have made good use of both RBs so far tonight.