How long till the schid hits the fan?

[i]We all saw the game tonight. We have already commented about the failures of Higgins and Schonert. Management (Popp and or Wetenhall) have to do something. If they don't the players will give up, really quickly!

So, do a few heads roll this week before our annual "let's go to BC and get our a$$es kicked) game next Thursday? Do they wait till after the Hamilton game 2 weeks from now, when the team will be 2-7?

Johnny says start the purge now. Salvage what you can of this season, and build for 2016. The longer we keep the undynamic duo of Higgins and Schonert, not only does the 2015 season go down the crapper, time is lost for preparing 2016 properly.


You got it, Johnny.

The annual Toilet Bowl is nothing more than a bye week on the west coast. Might as well bring in the replacements now, and try to look a notch above pathetic against Hamilton.

Oh wait are you saying that we the fans how buy ticket know than the brainless OC + HeadCoache that we have... You can't be serious they know their shid their getting paid for doing it... :smiley:


Higgins and Schonert have to be sent packing and, I believe Jim Popp should replicate his actions of last season and, acquire, on a temporary basis, replacements of both coaches while beginning the longer process of locating a future head coach for the team. The Higgins debacle has run its course and, the players deserve better leadership. Popp has the respect of the vast majority of the fan base and, is the only member of management who would be up to this task. With another Garcia, our players do have the potential to make a run for the playoffs and, hopefully management will begin a process for renewal for coming seasons.

I for one am on the fence about Popp at this point. He has a hand in creating this mess this season.
Brining SAM here was a big mistake. SAM was nowhere yesterday. Was his back really that bad he could not be on the sidelines cheering on his teammates? Rumblings are that there is dissention on him being here.
This is on Popp!
And Popp traded Stafford (by the Esks must be smiling they made that trade) for Stamps.
Lewis, for me, was not worth signing.
Hefney, Walker owned him last night. Not to mention his costly penalties. Not a positive signing.

For me, Popp has to take allot of the heat for what's going on right now.

Nobody is perfect and Jim would be the first one to admit it. Sometimes things pan out sometimes they don't. His job is to assemble talent for present and future and to present HC candidates to the owner. That's it. He's done that extremely well.

He didn't pick HIggins and would have never hired him in a million years. The a HC usually hires his assistants. Matthews would head out on the road in the US , call up contacts and find his own guys and once in the CFL he would groom them and drive them hard till they understood the Don's way, they were young agressive guys looking for opportunities. Higgins can't even do that, with the exception of a couple guys who he has an old connection with in Reed and Sweet who were likely to be on the pine for a long time. They've been good hires but Schonert is on him. He should be the one helping Schonert or releasing Schonert from the obligations he isn't capable of accomplishing.

[i]Check this out! A new story from Herb. Here are a few choice quotes from Herb's story:

“You can’t have people in your face and think you can complete passes,? Higgins said, jumping to Cato’s defence. “There’s no question, teams are catching up, maybe, to what we’re doing. Maybe we have to get (Cato) out of the pocket. And we didn’t help him by getting the running attack going.?

Captain Obvious is in the building! :roll:

“We’re going to turn this around. I can just tell from the energy and vibe in the room,? safety Marc-Olivier Brouillette said.

To say that, he is really a PR shill, or the concussions have affected his noggin.

As for Sam, who injured his back this week? Higgins had no idea where he was, but claimed his presence wasn’t mandatory. “It’s not an issue.?


[url=] ... st-eskimos[/url]


Higgins looked where the wind was blowing. Fans like Cato, fans don't have much love for the OC...

Another fun quote was Higgins saying he didn't use Marsh because he's only had two practices. Which is false he started practicing weeks ago. If he can't take a snap and sneak a ball why dress him ?

Brouillette and Jourdain cupping Higgins and Thorpe's baseballs I mean marbles.

Not certain that heads will roll until after the season, but even if they do why start off a new coach(es) with the annual BC Place massacre.

I think they probably hope Higgins turns it around and they can evaluate at season's end but I don't think we've hit the bottom of the barrel yet. I think that will happen in Hamilton in two weeks and then the org won't have a choice. Let's just hope Cato survives the next two games. If he gets injured most fans will tune out for the rest of the season.

[i]Good ole Pierre Vercheval remains respectful as always, but this is a pretty scathing analysis of Schonert's lack of ability:

[url=] ... -1.2529391[/url]

Bruno Heppell pulls no punches and is even more critical:

[url=] ... -1.2542540[/url]


Bruno just did the Als a big favor…

Herb then indirectly commented on Twitter that people who bring up Calvillo as a potential solution to our offensive woes are morons... since all he is, is a rookie coach.

Fact is if there's not much worth hiring available mid-season, I still would rather have a Dinwiddie/Calvillo tandem drawing up the plays than Shonert.. and I'd rather have Calvillo as QB coach than Shonert as well. I think Shonert can, must, go now.. Higgins can go after the season.

Yeah, nobody's calling for AC as OC. That would be ridiculous and bound to fail. Get Dinwiddie into that role, make AC the QB coach, and go from there. Dinwiddie managed to do a better job as OC last year with a QB who isn't even in the same ballpark as Cato when it comes to football IQ. And that was with virtually no coaching experience and as a first-time OC. There is actually no way he can do worse than what we saw from Schonert against Edmonton. Use Dinwiddie as the interim solution right now and then sort things out at season's end.

That's if we want to have a chance of making the playoffs, of course. If Wetenhall wants the team to tank and to take a big hit on attendance, by all means, keep Schonert on for the remainder of the season. Maybe by game 18, he'll have learned how to send in plays on time! :roll: :roll:

Too bad they wont' swing the axe now. Why not do it before our annual loss in BC where we never won even with Calvillo and Trestman?

Anyhow, I have no expectations for the rest of the season. None. Gonna just try to find the humor in this latest franchise slide into incompetence and dysfunction.

Problem with dissecting a couple brain tumors is the patient recovery time. I can’t see Popp taking the job in a million years. Thorpe?

It has to be done, for the good of the organization. The no-brainer replacement is that of Schonert. As suggested on this forum, give the O to Dinwiddie. It will take him a few weeks to get a hold of the offence, but frankly there is nothing to lose - there's no way the Als are going to win in BC and in Hamilton with Schonert.

[i]BC got pasted by Hamilton yesterday. So, they will be playing angry, very angry Thursday! Everything is set up for our Als to get massacred. The next week, we go to Hamilton. We probably get massacred again.

How do you think the mood of the players will be after those 2 games if they get blown out of both?

With hamilton's nasty front seven, and our ineffective blocking schemes, Johnny is afraid Cato will be carted off the field. Those 2 dipshidz Schonert and Higgins might very well ruin our QB of the future. :thdn: [/i]

Well, Johnny, the s--- started hitting the fan today. CTV Montreal has just reported that Bowman is not happy and has basically said that if the Als are not happy with his play, they should look for another solution for him and for the Als.

Sounds like a trade request to me! I was cautiously optimistic for this team this year, but I am less so now.