How Long Til Somebody Calls Casey Printers?

After watching pitiful performances by Tom Flores of Winnipeg, Darrien Durant of Saskatchewan, and Kerry Joseph of Toronto, you have to wonder how long it'll be before somebody dials up Casey Printers. Because its obvious these teams are having problems at the QB position.

I'd say the worst of the bunch by far is Flores. From what I saw this guy should not be in the CFL period. Most of the passes he threw were lame ducks to no one. If this is the best Winnipeg has, they're going no where this year.

My prediction is Toronot will go after Printers and try and unload Joseph. Maybe even back to Saskatchewan. Where he may be able recapture his MVP form of a few years back.

I agree on some you say but not all, Joseph will not leave Toronto this year,Flores I have always said is nothing but a backup, someone here said he will be one of the top 3 best QB's by middle of season LOL :smiley: Durant is decent but had some struggles today which was not all his fault remember this is his first loss as a starter, I don't understand why Printers is not with some team even as a backup, i believe we will see him somewhere this year in the CFL, I would love to see Joseph back in Regina as their offence suits his style of play. You are correct for all the starters in the league Bombers QB is the worst, they have made some bad decisions there, Kelly will never admit to it though

Joseph's contract may make him hard to move. Haven't seen much of Durant, but hopefully he picks up his game.
But Tom Flores, from what I saw yesterday, is pitiful. Dinwiddie was better then this guy. And thats not saying much.

If I was Cynamon and Solkowski Id be asking for my money back from Joseph.

Give it two more weeks (by week 5) and Printers will emerge somewhere. Only now he hasn't had a training camp, won't know the plays, won't have chemistry etc. So don't expect him to be of much help.

Tom Flores is 72 years old. His last start was in 1970.

Maybe you're right and the Bombers should try to find someone a few decades younger, but how about showing some respect for a senior citizen?

Think they mean LeFors. :lol:

I doubt Printer could do any better than any of those guys. I've said this a hundred times on this board. The stats don't lie. Check Casey's stats after that one magic season in BC, and then tell me you want him to play for your team.

Also look at that one year and the team he had around him. Was it that he was that good or was it the team who was that good?
I don't doubt he has some talent but I think many overblow his abilities. Casey Printers what?


Durant is 6-1. And we have enough quarterbacks.

Don't forget Printer's big ego, and how it will poison the dressing room!

It'd be more fun for the spectating public if he ended up in Winnipeg..........watching his huge ego clashing with Kelly's huge ego would be a treat to watch......................

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Two Freight track....approaching each other at 80 miles an hour..... oh the carnage it will create!

Forget Printers. I'd sooner expect a team to negotiate a trade for another team's third-stringer than give Headcasey a call.

I don't think Printers would do any better than Joseph in Toronto. Winnipeg makes sence that they would be interested, but I don't know what Mike Kelly saw in LeFors, he insisted he go to Winnipeg and be their starter. Saskatchewan is better off with Durant still learning, than having that headcase Printers behind center, BUT with a good set of receivers, someone like Printers can do some damage, because I think Saskatchewan has the best group of receivers. Either way, whenever someone like Printers signs with a team, it is very interesting.

printers in the peg would be interesting but highly unlikely

it'd take a long time for him to learn the playbook til then he'd probably be pretty ineffective although if he did get the hang of it, it might be interesting what he could do with the big playmakers the bombers have.

but with his attitude kelly would probably never sign him and if he did he wouldnt last long im guessing so i dont see it happening, but if our qb production doesnt start getting better in the next few weeks i think we start looking at alternatives, first would be randall and williams tho. beyond that i think discipline and punish is right the bombers would look for an up and comer that they could develope rather than a vet with with limited experience and baggage.

Richie Williams! I forgot he was in the 'Peg! They should have put him in the game. :rockin:

Wouldn't that be something: two quarterbacks playing against teams that cut them in the off-season! :cowboy:

Williams is good. He had some starts here in Hamilton, and won one or two. The fans loved him. It would have been great to see him play. He may be able to get the Bombers some wins, but he's a little old to be the QB to build the future around. That's why Hamilton released him in favour of Kevin Glenn. Porter is the future, but they needed an experienced vet in the lineup to help Porter develop. (And don't forget, the Cats have Khari Jones as QB coach to tutor him as well. And Danny McManus is a scout with the team, but is also available to offer advice. Both, like Glenn, played part of their career with the Bombers.)

As for Printers, though, it may be his attitude more than his playing ability that's keeping him off current rosters. He's sure to be a distraction in the locker room, and most teams are really focusing on discipline and the team aspect lately. The only teams that might be interested in a guy like that would be B.C. or Toronto. I think Andrus is committed to Joseph right now, based on the fact that he didn't pull him even with two minutes left and the game ridiculously out of reach. And Wally and Casey parted on less-than-good terms, and Printers burned some bridges that Buono's not the type to rebuild. I think Casey's best hope for a return to the CFL is an injury to Kerry Joseph that will keep him out for a prolonged period of time.

I think the next time Printers tells people to "get your popcorn" will be when he's working at a movie theatre concession stand. :lol:

26 is too old now? Richie Williams is 3 months YOUNGER than Quinton Porter. And two years younger than 28 year old Lefors. If a team wanted they could still spend lots of time developing Richie Williams(not that I'm sure you'd want to considering how unorthodox his throwing motion is). He does seem to get along well with his teammates though and the fans loved him in hamilton.

Sorry, I thought Williams was older than that.