how long is Maas out for???????

Before I do my picks for next week I need to know if Maas will be playing. I did not know he was out for this game and would NOT have picked Hamilton knowing a second string qb would be leading them. Anyone know Maas’s status???


Yes, he'll be playing agaisnt the Blue this up-coming Friday. I'm pretty sure, anyway. If they put in Eakin, or that 3rd string QB of theirs, I'm gonna LMAO all night on Friday. The Bombers absouletly destroyed Hamilton, but I expect a different team this Friday in Winnipeg. Go Bluee!!

Look at it this way turkey-- the Bombers are at home, Hamilton just lost to them 29-0 in their own barn.. doesnt matter if Maas is playing or not, they are going to lose again and Lancaster will cut another unruly player after the game is over... lol

Exactly, I think it would be smart if they left Maas out and let him fully recover from his injurys rather than play all season long with a nagging injury.

...Lancaster will not declare who is going to start for the Cats' till game time......only smart football....However if the Ti-Cats are going to have a shot at winning they better hope Maas is ready to go....i still believe Hamilton has got a lot of talent on their team....they're just not putting it together....ANY team playing the Bombers right now ...better bring their 'A+' game cuz if you think the BlueandGold 'D' ain't tough better look up the stats. so far this year...this group is FOR REAL... :rockin: :thup: