How long is Glenn's leash?

I love me some Kevin Glenn, but he hasn't been that sharp in either of our two games (particularly the loss to Ottawa). As slant and others have noted, his passes have been frequently behind receivers or short, putting them in dangerous positions. He's also not the best at throwing deep balls that receivers can catch in stride. So my question is: how long would you continue with him before giving Cato a chance?

I'd say if he has another outing like Ottawa you have to give cato a shot . It doesn't mean glenn ant win the spot back but can't afford to lose 3 or 4 more games before you make the swich

I think his first game, he played pretty well....
He threw for 340ish yards
He did have one pick but he had a 30+ yard TD called back on a holding call and a Sutten fumble on the 2
10-14 points off the board that were not his fault

I would give him a pretty long leash for the next game

[i]Johnny voted 2-3 games, but it depends. If the next game he is inaccurate, give him one more start and pull him from that game if it's not working.

After game 5, a thorough evaluation of his play should be done. If he is under performing, give Cato a start or two. There is no point keeping him in there if he is mediocre and we slip out of playoff contention.

Even with Green gone, we have big tall receivers. It isn't that hard to hit the target... And Cato throws a much better deep ball than Glenn. Cato to Carter would be great! Cato is also better at running for yards if no receiver is open.

Let's not forget Glenn's statistics have dropped in the last few years. He used to be very good, but he is in his late thirties. This is not the 2010 Kevin Glenn. [/i]

He had great stats in game one but his throws were consistently behind or above his receivers. That's going back to preseason too. I'm not throwing him under the bus; he did well in game one and was part of a larger problem in game two. But his precision has been off.


I'm thinking more long-term right now. I think the Glenn acquisition was okay, but what's the up-side here? We are definitely not in the top-half of the league right now, and he is old. Let's say Glenn stays healthy and has an average year. What's the plan then? Are we back to step 1 next year?

This is a hard situation here. We have to decide whether or not we are playing to for the Cup (which I don't think we are, TBH) or if we are looking towards the future. It complicates things having Jim Popp stroking his ego and not having a proper headcoach.

I recall Glen struggling and Cato entered looking good in the process. In future when Glen is not functioning, Cato should complete the game. We have younger QBS who require playing time.

Personally at some point if they are not headed to the playoffs you set glenn and give cato and adams all the reps to start preparing for next year. I'm not pulling for that yet cause its early and I'd like to see a playoff run but not sure you do it with glenn at the helm

It's not even about going to the playoffs. It's about winning the Grey Cup. Making the playoffs means absolutely nothing in this league. We made it last year, and we were broken. Not being contrary, Montana, just adding on to what you said.

If Glenn isn't CONSIDERABLY better, I think you just play Cato & co. Hell, maybe see if someone gets desperate and would be willing to trade for Glenn week 8 (LOL). Who knows, Ricky Ray could fall down the stairs.

Exactly Luke and I know I'm new and may be off base but this team is not grey cup caliber right now. Imo they need better qb play which means glenn better step up or cato needs to be given a shot. I lean toward the latter. The second problem I see is speed in the defensive backfield. Fix those things and I think k they have a chance.

TBH, as long as Jim Popp is headcoach, this is not going to be a Cup-caliber team.

Uh, no, we didn't. We missed the playoffs in 2015.

The playoffs aren't everything but making them would be a good start, a step towards rebounding from the last three years.

Agreed disciple a playoff berth would be a good start on the way back to greatness. This is the reason I think you give the future qbs time on the field especially if next year the gc is the goal

My bad, but still. Half the teams in this league make it. It's too small of a league for a playoff birth to really mean anything.

Still a step up if they missed last season

Well, there's room here for disagreement, certainly, but I'd argue that in a league where 6 of 9 teams make the playoffs, not making the playoffs is a very clear indication that you have serious problems. You make the playoffs and you're not part of the bottom third of the league. That's not nothing. It would also give the players confidence about the direction we're heading.

Rakeem Cato posted today basically saying there is a lot of movement going on, now giving the understudies an opportunity to prove themselves.

While I do not know what Cato's definition of "a lot" is (more than 2???), I do not believe he was talking about himself being one of them.

Very interesting poll results so far. I'll say right now that I voted for the "2-3 games" option as a middle ground between giving a veteran a fair chance to work his way out of a slump and not torpedoing our playoff chances. I would give Glenn 2-3 games and see how he's performing -- not necessarily whether we're winning games, but the caliber of his throws (particularly to the sideline), his ability to check down, and so on. If he makes stride in those areas and the offense starts to roll in the next 2-3 games, then leave him in. If he's still short-hopping passes or throwing behind receivers, it might be time to make a change and get Cato in there. And making that change doesn't mean we won't see Glenn again this season. Young Qbs can falter and injuries can strike. If/when that happens, Glenn is a great insurance policy to have in your back pocket.

2-3 games max. If Glenn can not get it going and drop another game or two, they are in a Huge hole.
Given his age, need to give quality playing time to Cato and or one of the other QB's to allow them to develop.

Do not wait until the last game or two.