How long is Bruce signed on for?

The offence's success rides on him ... PERIOD.

YES totally agree, as far as I know this is his last year under contract.

Yeah, 2011 is his option year:

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And as of Aug 4, 2010: ... ith-ticats

I am sure Obie will try and Resign AB

Bruce's contract status and age probably figure into the decision to get Mann playing in the slot this year. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I'm not sure that the success of our offence depends entirely on AB3.

I think he's a great player, and he's sure made a strong impact in Hamilton. But if we have Avon Cobourne on the team, plus Maurice Mann, Dave Stala and whoever else steps up or Obie signs, they will have something to do with our success too. Not to mention our quarterback.

AB3 is 33, will turn 34 as this season (and his contract) ends. That's getting to the far side of prime years for a receiver. Obie is not shy about making changes-- better is better and all that. If he thinks a 34-35 year old AB3 is not what the team needs most going forward, he'll let him go and get someone else to pick up the slack. Or maybe by then it will be Joe Womack making the decisions.

If Obie thinks Bruce is the answer for a couple more years, then he'll probably try to sign him fairly soon. But I won't be surprised if he waits to see how he does as this season unfolds.

I'm not sure that the success of our offence depends entirely on AB3.
Me neither.

However, what he does provide, aside from the skills he does possess, is veteran leadership mixed with a bit of swagger. He's transformed himself to being a responsible, self controlled player who clearly puts his team first and is a great role model for the rest of the squad.

[url=] ... on=ONTARIO[/url] Bruce expected to sign extension.

"A bit of swagger" :lol: :thup:

His impact can't be measured. No one on the team consistently makes the tough catches , esp at the back of the endzone, like he does.
His presence alone makes DC's worry. His presence turns HAM's offense from average to something to contend with.

Brucie is a great football talent, but he has strange behaviors that me very nervous especially around playoff time. :?

I'll take his "strange behaviours" any day as long as he's on the field. Thank you , Bart Andrus.

I really don't know what you mean. He learned how things work here very quickly and hasn't given me any cause for worry about his behaviour at all (and I was one of the sceptical ones)