How long is a TV show season

fans of a particular tv show are getting ripped off these days

20 seasons of gunsmoke produced 655 shows.
19 seasons of L&O SVU produced only 434.

some shows don't even have 10 shows in a season
very few shows average over 20.
no one does 25 these days as far I any shows that I watch.

30s shows, are you out of your freaking mind to suggest such a thing?

Pretty safe to say that no one will even come close to James Arness for playing the same fictional character, not counting soap characters.

Mariska Hargitaywould have to do another 10 years to catch up.

I don't know about you, but when one of my shows ends a season with less than 20 shows, I feel totally ripped off.

The show Barry, on HBO, has 8 a season. Most are in the 10 range.

Me, I prefer quality to quantity.

yeah but since when does one exclude the other

Best TV Shows I have ever seen are :

The Wire - think of Law and Order on horse steroids.
The Sopranos
Breaking Bad

Each are 50+ hours of Amazing TV - available at your local library.

The reruns now are just ridiculous, some of them like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars are on the same channel every single day. What a joke!