How long have you been a fan?

I have been an EE fan since my dad took me to my first game at CNE stadium in Toronto in 1972.

CFL Rocks and I still watch every game I can although I live in Windsor Ontario where no one cares about the CFL

Well, I've been a CFL fan since the late 1950s............first game attended in person was on 15 October 1962, when, at the tender age of 9, I witnessed the Tiger-Cats crush the Saskatchewan Roughriders 67-21, with Joe Zuger setting a CFL record with 8 touchdown passes in a single game.

Jeepers. You guys all make me look bad. :lol:

I'm a new fan. Couldn't really say when I started watching because I started by just watching scattered games. Took a year or so before I actually started watching regularly.

Always been an Esks fan, though. I have an odd bias for Edmonton. :lol:

Do years without a team count? :oops:

Of course that counts. Count anything you like that associates you with the CFL. Be honest. Don't lie. But take advantage of any edge you can find.

Most of all, don't feel slighted that you are younger than some of us who are bragging about being long, long-time fans.
When we get old, longevity is all we have left to brag about, so we play it for all it's worth.

Like the saying goes, "The older I get, the better I was!"

longevity is all we have left to brag about
so many porky type jokes to make here.

im ben a fan of the cfl since i was 14 and im 35 now,argo fan and bluebomber fan from detroit,mi

I started listening to the cfl in 1962. living in north eastern saskatchewan never attended a game until 1967. It would have been almost unheard of to travel 150 miles to a game back then. Teams were easier to follow then as players were dedicated to the teams they played for and usually played their entier career for one team. Many great players on each team in the hall of fame from those years. They seemed to have played for more years then. Todays travel gives us access to so many more parks, but the old days were good.

I have been a Fan now for 34 yrs . I remember as a young Kid growing up in Edmonton we used to climb the Big green fence at Clarke Stadium. I tell you I was so sh!t scared when I got to the other side and I had to do the Big Jump to the Ground. But it was well worth it , seen a lot of great games and Players. After the Game we would pull out our Burlap bags and fill them up with empty liquor bottles . then cash them in the next day for a few bucks and blow it on ice cream and sodas. Can you imagine trying that today. Boy writing this sure has brought back a lot of memories.
The CFL is More then just a game.

Well, in that case, I'd be celebrating my 20th anniversary then.

I started watching seriously after I moved out of the house for school. I lived with my sister, who was working that night, so I was by myself. Ottawa was on TV and beat Winnipeg 28-17 (I looked it up).

I said "Man, these guys are AWESOME! I'm going to check this out next week!"

2-16 :? I...don't believe they made the playoffs.

Well, what the hell did I know? It was my first night!

Funny thing is, even though playing football was something I lived for, I was not interested in watching it, except that back then, no cable, most houses only having one tv, I sometimes had no choice, then I got hooked. If I was 11 today, I might not ever take up watching until I could no longer play.

I started watching the Bombers in the Reinbold year when they were just awful. I think it was like week 10 when they won their first game. It was horrible. That didn't really turn me onto it too much but I stuck around.

Then Khari Jones came along and the Bombers became a force. Been a die hard ever since. Sooooo I guess 8 years now.

Been a fan since the nfl strike of 1982. T.V. had to show Football and WHAMO!!! Love at first sight!

This american never looked back!