How long have you been a fan?




gotta say as long as i can remember. my old man raised me blue and gold so i'll just go from day 1 just over 19 years ago

31 years here...Go Riders go!!!


.....let me see....watched the first BigBlue game in 1957 and became an instant Bomber can add em does time fly... :roll:

Shhhhhh Papa, you are showing our age. :lol: :lol:

I was a late bloomer into football. First game I saw was 1961. (wont tell you my age, but I was an adult with kids! :wink: :wink: ) Had to take a break from my colic two year old and went to a game. :thup:

Let's see now ... multiply by 4, take the cube root, add X and divide by Y ... hmmmm... 48 years. And by gum they've been good ones!

Dad took me to ti-cats game in 1954 but I am really not that OLD

Been an avid Eskimo fan for over 50 years. To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett.

 Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic.
 But I've had a good time all the way.

During that time, made it to 10 Grey Cup games. Too many play-off games to count and have had seasons tickets since 1974 in 4 different Stadiums, Clarke, Commonwealth, Taylor and, Mcmahon. Never made it to a CFL game in Mewata Stadium but I did play there.

I am just a young fan. Only 41 seasons. Didnt start till I was 11.

Had my first season tickets in 1948, for both the Tigers of the Big 4, and the Wildcats of the ORFU.

That makes it, let's see...2008 minus 1948
Holy Mackerel, that's 60 years...

Ticats Fan for the past 30 years..

Became a true fan when I watched my first live game in 1991, as the Argos beat the Ti-Cats at Ivor Wynne in a shootout.

Shouldn't that be Holy Mackinaw?

Are you really a Ticat fan?

Just kidding, good to see you still supporting your team after all these years, old fellow. May there be a few more Garney Henley clones to grace Ivor Wynne in the years to come.

I attended my first game back in 1980 at the old Exhibition Stadium: Argos vs. the original incarnation of the Als. I was 9 yrs old back then, and I've been following the league ever since.

I went to my first Eskies game around 1965. Though I was watching on TV well before that.

I would guess around 1988 or 89. I recall watching the 89 Grey Cup on TV and attending a few games before that as well.

Started watching when I was eleven in 1971...just in time to watch Leon McQuay fumble on the 11 yard line in the Grey Cup. Had season tickets since 1985.

i must be the youngest person on the board by far at age 14.

Just kidding, good to see you still supporting your team after all these years, old fellow.
Watch it, CFLESKFAN - Wilf has been known to mow down young whipper-snappers.

By the way.... I've been mowed a time or two (verbally at least).

Oh yeah- about 45 years or since we moved to Canada.

Ooooh, sure are some old timers in these parts :wink:

I think my first game was in 1971, I remember how good the hot dogs tasted to this day.