how long does it go for?

I love my riders and i everyday i wake up with a smile that they’re 6-0 but the question i have is…

Even though they are playing the best TEAM football of anyone in the league and our defense (outside of Chick, and JJ) is relatively in tacted…can the riders continue to win with the mounting injuries to our offense…expecially the recievers?

I think that the stamps will be pissed of and feel screwed because of the Armour ejection (which was bs by the way) and all thought the Mosaic faithful will be loud and proud and the riders will be in it to the end…my gut is telling me 7-0 with our injuries is just to much to ask…

WE can win and we will win. Ken Miller has saidd it before it doesn't matter who is on the field you play like your a starter. This isn't the team of a few years ago, a few years ago we would have found a way to lose the last game. Not any more!!!!

The current coaching staff has made it clear that winning is a MUST, and if you don't play to what your fully capable of playing then get your ass on the bench.

Austin did that last year with Fantuz and look at what happened after that, Fantuz was a beast.

This team doesn't stop believeing, and as long as they don't stop theyll keep winning.

I do like our chances at home against the Stamps better than on the road. Thankfully nobody got hurt on D last game, and with the return of Dressler our special teams get a huge boost, as well as our O. I am expecting big things of Bagg this week and perhaps will see Stu Foord in the offense as well.

I don't think it's unrealistic to think we can't win this week, but Calgary is a good team when they want to be. I still think our first loss will come on the road.

It's going to be a hard game to win but I believe we can win it. JJ should be back which puts our defense back together. Can't wait to get Chick back but Bake is playing well in his spot.

Hopefully January will be back and then our offensive line is back together. Dressler will bring back our return game and helps out tht recievers, gotta hope MD is ok and will play (I haven't heard anything more on him yet).

Gotta keep the faith, Miller will rally the troops.