How long can this franchise survive?

Look at it from a 20-year-old football player standpoint: Would you rather play in the NFL in places like Miami or Jacksonville where it is mild all year or go to Canada where the winters are severe, much lower pay and there is not a lot of night life to be had? These kids today are very different from us. What would you do in their situation...that is the real problem..


That 20 year better get his priorities straight. He's paid to play football and not look for hook ups and parties

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At over 10x the money, plus actual fans in the stands and endorsement deals worth millions, I think that any player of any age would be a fool not to choose the NFL over the CFL.


There is no guarantee that he would make the NFL.

If you don't put the work in they will find some else. Look at DeSean Watson when he is left at his devices

He'd still be a fool not to try, given the option.


Still be a fool to go where there is no chance breaking through. You don't get drafted, don't get a call from a NFL team, why go through the process that crushes your hopes. Just more cannon for the fodder

Yeah but if you had your choice between a higher paycheck better weather and a chance to Star in the NFL... Wouldn't you take that that's where 20-year-olds come from and their line of thought and I can't blame them


honestly i’m of the opinion that Elks will be significantly better next year. i predict they will be better than sask and all east teams.

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This ^^

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That would be consistent with Jones' mo building teams.


i honestly think they will fight for 3rd in west with Stamps next year and may be even better than them. if Rourke is back (and not in NFL), i don’t see anyone in west keeping up with bombers and lions.

Yup. I see the offence shaping up nicely. Reality wise Cornelius's numbers look OK. Completion percentage has suffered but he has had what 22 receivers catch passes?

The defence is rounding into shape nicely. Best game this year in Regina. Still a few mistakes but we have found some stand out guys. IMO Hutter does not get near enough credit as safety. He has had a stand out year.

With the guys who are on the 6 game still....we should be looking real good for next year.

But this season isn't over yet either. Riders have a tough row to hoe and by the time the Elks play Winnipeg and BC they may be resting starters for the playoffs and the Elks winning won't hurt their playoff position either......

corny just needs experience for his decision making and to work on his throwing mechanics. he’s a great potential talent. he has NFL size and running ability. very much like a young Strevvy.

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i’m predicting a home win next weekend to break the goose egg.

And if he could even squeak onto an NFL practise roster that's $500,000 plus in US dollars. Our PS guys get what...$750 week plus room and some food. And for 18 weeks = $13,500 Canadian...

Yup. When you look at what went out the door under previous management in terms talent - young and old what they had left at the end of last season was what was on the field.

Another draft year and free agency and you won't recognize the team next year.

Yeah, no question, if I was a player I wouldn’t even consider Canada if I had a shot at even a PR spot down south. The risk/reward is just too tilted that way. I'd be shocked if the vast majority of players don't think the same. That's why players wanted the NFL window... so they could bolt for the money if they have a chance.

If you believe CFL attendance figures I have some ocean front property to sell you in Saskatchewan .
P.S. I almost said Manitoba, but there is actually Ocean there.. Lol

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All attendances are down, however ST numbers are still high enough that people are paying for their seats, regardless of whether they sit in them. Edmonton also has a "war chest" in the millions to ride out the storm. Will they ever disappear from the CFL landscape? Perhaps. But I'm betting it won't be any time soon. I'll repeat: if a team is contracting, and it may happen, it won't be one in Alberta.