How long can this franchise survive?

We'll have to see if ESPN re-ups with the CFL when it's broadcast rights end after this season. Whatever the renewed CFL deal is, it has to be better than what the XFL got from Disney/ESPN. The years of ESPN paying the CFL $200,000 annually should come to a close

you do not actually think that will happen do you! If do i got an investment for you...127 percent profit in 3 weeks time... i need your life savings and the title to your car and your house though.


The CFL needs to get a better TV/Media rights deal to make it not rely on gate attendance

Well yes that is correct, but no tv deal is going to give that kind of payout is my point.


The TSN deal underpays the CFL in comparison to other pro leagues in North America. The TSN just pays for players salary at 5.3 million. But that deal can't be re-negotiated until a couple of years from now.

But the ESPN deal is up after this season. Here is where the CFL sells it's rights to the highest US bidder whether it is NBC, the NFL Network or a betting site like Fan Duel(rumor has it that FD wants to be a network). The kicker in the deal is that the money will be in US funds, with the conversion, pays a little extra.

And you think they are gonna get millions upon millions or more than the CFL is now getting...
Again, I have 127 percent profit deal for you... Just give me every thing you got ... In cash and give me three weeks


Does it really underpay, though? How much players salaries are, or what percentage is paid for by the deal is irrelevant.

TV deals are based on one sole, singular criteria... ratings. Why? Because higher ratings = higher prices for advertising spots (which are finite) = higher profitability for the network.

If the number of possible ads to be sold is finite, the only growth for the network is on the price side of the equation. If the network goes to an advertiser/sponsor and says "your ad reached 200,000 people last year, and it cost $20k per spot, but this year it will reach 180,000 people but it will cost $30k per spot", the advertiser will simply walk or move their ads to something that gives them better exposure.

TV ratings are on the way down. In the US they are basically so low as to be insignificant. The networks can't justify a rate increase to their customers, which means they can't increase their own payouts to the league.

The league itself needs to make itself more valuable through changes and marketing. Once the league has proven that its value as a saleable commodity has gone up (meaning the ratings have climbed significantly), then and only then can the networks see a profit by investing in the broadcast rights.

The league's market value will not change until the league itself figures out how to change it. The broadcasters job is to air products that are already in demand, not to create the demand.


The CFL needs to only double the fee that TSN woefully unders pays to the CFL.

Keep your scams to yourself

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The TSN woefully underpays in it's deal with the CFL. It's sad that team CEOs make more than the star players.

TV ratings are redundant. The CFL gets better ratings than MLSE's TFC as the corporation will buy it's soccer team two new Italian soccer players for millions while do nothing keeping the Argos relevant in Toronto.

Streaming is the future and that is where the money is. Streaming sites are begging for content. Apple and Amazon are getting into live sporting events. This is where the CFL tries to cash in. Take it's US rights to the highest bidder for streaming rights

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My scams would make me money if I would ever find any takers. The CFL gets paid what they get paid and I would bet they when the contract comes up for renewal there will be less money offered than they are getting now. We see the same 5 commercials all season long.... So it ain't like they are getting people lining up with add dollars to give


The highest bidder may not be willing to go as high as you expect. Whether tv or streaming, itcstill takes a certain number of eyeballs to be attractive to advertisers/sponsors. If the CFL doesn’t hold enough eyeballs, its broadcsts won't hold value to any network or service, and they won't overpay for it.

The TSN deal is reflective of the fair market value. If TSN was truly underpaying, another broadcaster would be on the phone trying to offer more for the business opportunity. The league didn’t go to open bids on the last deal, I suspect, because they thought it could very well drive the price down.


TSN needs the CFL, so it will have to increase their bid to keep the CFL. It needs summer programming until it's regional NHL telecasts start up. Rogers still has the NHL, Blue Jays, Raptors to keep them going year round

Whatever the next TV deal is, it still has to be better than what TSN is paying right now.

Either go to a streaming site exclusively of create their own network, if bids aren't satisfactory

That's my point, it DOESN'T necessarily have to be better. In fact, the numbers probably have it going the other way.

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The NEXT TV deal has to be greater for the CFL's revenue any reduction is an insult. The CFL needs a tough Media negotiator, don't let Randy or Tannenbaum get involved in TV deals. The CFL didn't even bother to solicit other bids for the CFL rights on this deal

This has literally nothing to do with the TSN deal

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I disagree. TSN needs to make a profit for its owners/investors. That means broadcasting content that draws the highest advertising rates in conjunction with the lowest cost. So if British dart leagues draw half the eyeballs and half the ad revenue, but the program is pre-produced and has lower production cost because of it, making the net profit greater, then the business case says to go with darts.

CFL games bear a high production cost. Multiple cities, lots of cameras and accompnying staff, studio, panelist salaries, travel, and much much more. Add this to the cost for the rights (aka the TV deal), and the network has to bring in a ton of advertising just to break even.

The same economics apply to other networks and also all streaming providers.

And its not like they can skimp on production... just look at the TSN complaint thread. People want this, people want that.. but every dollar spent on production comes from either the profit column or the rights fees column. If the profit column gets too small, then cuts come from production or rights costs. There is no magical money that appears.

If the numbers fall, the deal falls. Its the simplest math there is. And it wouldn't be any different with any other service, streaming or cable.


MLSE/Tannenbaum owns a piece of TSN(along with ESPN) that dictates it's scheduling, marketing, etc. basically trying to choke out the CFL from existence

Which has what, exactly, to do with the signing of Italian soccer players?

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Can't cut expenses to show a profit. TSN got rid of employees, TV personalities(Black, O'Toole), radio stations in three CFL markets(Van, Wpg, Ham.) and is still lagging behind Rogers/Sportsnet.

CFL TV productions cost are still way behind on NFL telecasts that TSN carries and on it's NHL broadcasts.

If TSN doesn't have the CFL, it will become the "Leader of Poker Sports"