How long before....

Bob dumps this team? With a shrinking season ticket base (thanks to the new wonderful pricing system), the horrible on-field product, and the endless mis-management (ring ring Mr Taffe), how much longer does a supposed SMART business man stay on a sinking ship? I have been a Bob booster from day one but I gotta say, this guy is JINXED!! The true fan base of the Cats are second to none (well..may the Maple Laffs), as they keep coming back for more and more punishment, but the fair weather ones who bought into the 5 yr. plan are now moving on to the next best exciting thing...which, the way this team has watching paint dry. What it all boils down to is if OB can turn this thing around and put a half decent product on the field THIS year, the bodies will come back...BUT ...if we see another debacle like the last..what 8??...not to mention the crumbling IWS....this could be the beginnig of the end for this storied franchise.


Smart businessmen fix problems and don't quit so easily. Bob has a great product. It can be fixed.

If there is a problem ... Bob knows it's his fault. So he will stay until he fixes it.

Your Right bob is a great Businessman But he may not a great Owner. I'd Take Pal Hal over bob Any day..
Smart Owners know when they can't turn it around and sell.

I like Bob Personally but as Owner he lead much to be desired Too many Mistakes and Public Relations Nightmares.
I'm willing to give in pay for 2008 and maybe 2009 to fix it . But I am getting mad as a Ticat Fan.
Don't take us For granted Bob Cause there may be no Tomorrow

I say wow to this guy!His list of dumb business things confuses me!Not putting a product on the field on the field for as long as he has,all falls on him and no one else!Now he want more for a crappy product and a boring game!Yes I know what you meant and thats why I am hanging in there because Mr.Bob Young has no intention to have a winner here and he will run eventually!

I think the lack of sun is making a lot of the fans really grumpy,

Pal Hal didn't have "too many mistakes" and "Public Relations Nightmares"??? Are we talking about the same Pal Hal??? (He may have won a GC here, but we won it despite him, not because of him.)

These sorts are grumpy to begin with, if it wasn't for their team losing they'd find something else to beatch about because they are negatrons all the way.

I'm glad I'm not one and I'm better for it and so are others here who think the same.

Hang in there Earl things will get better. :smiley: :thup:

I can over look Ballads PR Mistakes cause he put a winning team on Field. I can't say that about Bob Young.
Bob is Likeable Guy
As a Owner he'll never be good as Harold Edwin Ballard.
unless he wins as many grey cups.

Have you considered what Bob, the human being, is all about onknight? Probably not.

Earl I have Spoken to bob Before .
As a Person I like the man.
As a Owner I have Reservations about him
I want to see a Winning Team on Field
Bob has yet to give us fans Something to cheer about.

As a owner hes the best in the league and the best owner this team has ever had....And thats the Truth.

Sure, Bob has made mistakes, mistakes he's admitted himself to having made. But that's the good part about him, he is like anyone else and does make mistakes. He hasn't really been in this ownership sports biz too long, he's learning and he will get it right. If he can't get it right in an 8 team league after say 5-10 years then something is wrong but let's give him some time, this isn't like taking a 6 month course at school and cramming for an exam.

So, Bob just needs to win ONE and he's golden..

Like I said before, we won the cup despite him not because of him. (Ask any Leaf fan about his "ownership" abilities. He took a proud franchise and ran it into the ground... it still hasn't recover... and because of the way he set things up... it probably won't recover.)

Yeah at what expense? Don't count on it

Bob is a great guy. He took our franchise, the one if all of you can recall was very close to folding, and built it back up financially, he is the only reason there still is a team here. Sure he's made some mistakes, but everyone does. It's not like the guys been around football his whole life, this is his first experience, so give him a chance.

Consider these facts fellow Tiger cats fans. This team would have been the way of the do do bird had Bob stuck out his neck and hid hard earned cash to save this storied franchise. Secondly, unprofessional remarks such as Bob is " the undertaker '' are uncalled for and are unwelcomed. A statement like that speaks volumes from a person who is IMHO betwix and between. The Argos *&^% and will always &^%$ large in my mind. every

Four years in the life of a CFL team is not a lot. Bob has done wonders off the field but, by his own admission, has made some mistakes with the on field product.
What I see now is a solid CEO, GM and (I think) coach. Some better scouting will help the core of good players we have. So its taken longer than we expected. OK. But to me things are looking up. I just wish some people will forget about an instant Grey Cup. Not going to happen. It will take time. However the road there will be exciting.
So forget about comparing Bob to Harold Ballard. Bob is a real human being and a fan. Pal Hal had some kindness and humanity in him but it did not come out much. Who needs that?
I'll take Bob ANY day. He makes this team worth supporting.
Criticism is healthy. Continual negativity and nastiness is not.
And Earl...thanks for the earlier post about grumpy people.

I agree Ballard was not a Nice Man.
Is Jerry Jones a Nice guy or Al Davis of Course not
But they all have Won Titles

If you want a Nice Man Think King Clancy.
There was a gentleman (please for give Awful Spell ling)

Bob is good Guy I hope he can turn it around.
But I have my Doubts