all the excuses that Anthony C. played this game with a broken are, leg, rib, pulled groin. herpes, ingrown townail, aids, and a really bad cold.

AC is still a good QB. Cats played well but he still threw for over 300.

Like I posted in another thread: it took 45 attempts for Calvillo to get 350-plus yards. He only completed 23 passes. Those aren't great stats.

And I don't think the OP was trying to imply that Calvillo wasn't a good QB. I think he was trying to get at the naysayers who will look for any excuse to never give the Cats their due. There is always some reason to doubt them -- in 2010, they beat Montreal when it didn't matter to the Als, they have only beat two crappy teams in 2011, etc. -- but what is the reason now? They've won three in a row, and beaten the team that nearly everyone said they had to beat before those same people would look at the Cats as legit. The ammo has been taken out of all the naysayers guns. This is a damn good football team, and tonight they to proved it once again.

With a little luck on a few plays the Ticats could have put the Als away in the first half. They certainly should have won the game by more points than they did. Calvillo did not have his best game. But a win is a win and the Ticats are improving every game. The really good news is that they beat Montreal by playing just so so. defence played good offence played ok. If we can get our offence playing a little better every game, we should be able to beat Montreal handily next time around. :cowboy:


I think with a little more skill the Cats would have put the Als away early. The defense failed to pick up fumbles they caused even when they were the closest to the ball, (show some more hustle and savy) the DB's dropped potential interceptions which would give them field position and stop Montreal drives. Good teams make these plays.

Cats are improving but still have a long way to go. They seldom show the desire to close anyone out early.

...and good teams find ways to win even when not playing their best.

Check out some of the Blue Bomber forums, it's all "Montreal just played poorly".

Oh well, I hope people continue to doubt us. It makes the wins feel so much sweeter.

The Als are human this year, that's the difference.

Earl: I think they are missing Ben Cahoon and Avon Cobourne a lot more than they thought!