How long before Ritchie hires a DC

I wonder how long Edmonton will continue with Ritchie Hall as Head Coach and DC. I think it's a big mistake. The HC has to be the big picture guy and by having to concentrate on the defense he loses perspective and is no longer able to focus on the big picture. I think that may have been part of Edmonton's problem against BC.

Well, that and they couldn't seem to find the endzone... or even the redzone for that matter. :lol:

We'll see soon enough if it's a mistake or not. But if the offence can't put up more than 10 points, it won't matter.

the odd part.. esks dominated the time of possesion so the d wasnt even on the field that much.

I've always felt the better teams have head coaches that have trust in their assistants and let them do their thing. Being a head coach and managing the defense is too much for Richie Hall to manage. Unfortunately I don't know if there's much for D-coordinators available now that the season has started.

D held B.C. to mostly field goals and the O couldn't generate more than 10 points against a revamped Lions defense. Defense wasn't the problem.

The problem is not that the D will not do well - in fact it probably will do very well because Ritchie is an excellent DC. The team as a whole suffers due to a lack of focus by the HC on the big picture. It’s like the CEO of a major corporation doing the shipping/receiving - it takes him away from what he should be doing - strategic planning and cooordination of efforts of all departments.