How long before Belli gets tossed.

It's going to be a tough football game Saturday night. The Argo's are desparate and with desparation comes undisciplined play.
How far into the game will it be until Belli or Murphy gets tossed from the game? I figure the near the end of the first half.

Gee that's a tough one.

I guess it depends on who gets frustrated the most the quickest. . . Murphy for being made to look like a turnstile by the likes of Baggs and Chick, or Belli for not getting to Durant. . .

Thats a great line..... I think I'll steal it and use it a few times myself!

too lateā€¦I already hijacked it! Great line :lol: :lol:

That IS a great line!!
A Turnstile...LOL!!

Seriously tho, Belli is a scary player for a coach, or a fan. I think hes a loose cannon, hes ALWAYS hitting late or hitting to injure. I do not like his attitude and hes cost his team on way too many occasions, I cant understand why his coaches cant get his head straight. Play hard between the whistles (and clean) and then turn around, shut up, and get back to your teamsside of the line.
Apparently hes not like this in real they say, but hes no sportsman on the field and thats where we all see him and therefore judge him. He shouldve been suspended on many occasions, but especially the Rider game where hes punching away at our player on the ground, and he doesnt get tossed.
He could be an All Star player but in my books he`s a dirty player and needs to be addressed by the league or at minimum by his coaches.