How it goes down II

Shortly after the season opener, the Stampeders realize that star receiver Marc Boerighter has no rythym and therefore cannot possibly be on the Stamps dance troup. Jim Barker trades Boerighter to the Eskimos for Tommy Scott who has been taking Rumba lessons at the Norwood Seniors Home, only to find out that Scott is prohibited by CFL rules to play with a walker.

Boerighter leads the Eskimos to 5 consecutive Grey Cups and has his Wall of Fame plaque put up in the appropriate place of honour, next to Danny Bass.

...that would be a disappointing sequel to say the least...

ya, except the esks don't have a Defence and the real Gold Team the Blue and Gold would/will Destroy them. each time. haha. Ricky Ray goes back to pass and.. Barrin simpson just Sacked him.. poor ricky.

Well I finally got to see it right here an eskimo fan jealous of the Calgary line up. Keep trying it oule schmoe boy your eskies are going to be in tough this year.

Ricky Ray is a very talented QB but right now if things do not change from last year he best have his Blue Cross paid up. My thinking is that like always they will have a competitive team on the field with a mindless coach.

Jealous, no, as you know I get to watch Boerighter on a regular basis.

Would I like to see Boerighter in Green and Gold, you bet I would, he is a thoroughbred and anyone who says they wouldn't want him an their team is lying or stupid.

Are you going to tell me you wouldn't want Jason Tucker on your team?

Well now you are talking snese CFLesksfan. Have you noticed I do not worry about the eskies like you worry about the Stamps. Any team in the CFL would be better with Jason Tucker on it and he is a good dancer as well.

did mcmahon stadium get field turf yet?

You are pulling our chain right. You must be thinking of Mosaic Taylor field. Calgary's stadium had it installed before the season start last year. Are you related to cflesksfan?

Tucker wouldn’t improve the Leos…in fact, he’d bring 'em down a couple of notches.

I am not sure Simon no doubt is the best in the Lions line up but adding Tucker would not hurt either. JT still is one of the best guys. But we know that is not going to happen.

I would take Simon, Claremont, Jackson, Colon, and Simmons over Tucker any time. They've all proven their worth...and from what we saw of Boden last pre-season, he's got a hell of a lot of potential as well. Who knows, maybe Boden will get the call this year.

Last Year!

Hmmmm, I might take Tucker over Colon and the injury prone Simmonds. I really hope Simmonds knees can last a season though.

I do not know Sporty I think he would be a good second to Simon.

Thankfully for the Lions, you aren't their GM.


Well, we'll see what Wally does this season...