How is your stadium coming?

I am not trying to troll here on the BB site as a Rider fan but I wanted to get the real answers. I am just wondering how your stadium is coming along. I have heard rumours, from people who claim to know...but we all know that everyone claims to have a second cousin who lives next door to the guy who washes the van of the GM .... and so on.

Anyway, I have heard that it is slightly behind and may not be ready for the start of the season. Can anyone give me a real update?

If this is the case can the team still paly in the old stadium or has the demolition of it already started. I am actually very envious of you getting a new stadium. I hope that it is ready for you in time.

The Bombers' President, Garth Buchko, announced a couple of weeks ago that the stadium was about 10 days behind schedule because of high winds shutting down construction a couple of times. Mr. Buchko also said the Bombers' pre-season game will be played at Investors Group Field and then the Bombers will likely be on the road for 1-3 games before the regular season home opener is held (much like what happened with the Als starting their season with 3 games on the road when Percival Molson Stadium was being renovated in 2010). It is possible that the stadium will not be completely finished when the Bombers start the regular season. Buchko said it only has to be football ready for games to be held there. They have absolutely no plans on playing any games at Canad Inns Stadium.