How is Tony Simmons?

Does anyone out there have a recent report on Tony Simmons? I havn't heard a anything about him in quite a while. Is he recovering well? Is he planing to come back next season? Any chance he will be back for playoffs?

Was that Tony Simmons standing on the sidelines Saturday? Is he practicing? I hear rumors he will be the card Wally is leaving in his back pocket for the Western Final.

BCTV Sports showd him practicing. I didn't catch the whole report.

Simmons appears to heal faster than expected. He is practising with the team now.

I'm really confused. He's practicing but Ullrich said in an article that he's on a 9 week long term injury list and he can't be taken off that list?

What B.S. Can't any player be reactivated at any time if the coach and player feel he can play?

Contrary to how your world may work 120db (as I've seen you bring this up elsewhere as well) there are rules in the CFL that must be adhered to. If a player is put on the 9 game injury list- he stays on for 9 games.

Its all juggling to keep the collective agreement in place.