How is this for a look of disgust?

You can tell by AC's eyes that he doesn't like the play that MB is giving him......Another 4 yard pass!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

MB: "Okay, Anthony, look. It's second and 10. What we're gonna do is have Elijah run a none-yard out, clearing the flat for Ben, who is gonna go about 6 yards, turn around and stop. You hit whichever one is more open. Got it? Great. LET'S GO GET 'EM BOYS!!"

AC: "Right, Coach."

AC (to Duval): "Don't take your helmet off, kid."

That's hilarios, ro. :lol:

Trouble is, I think you are "Bang On" Right!

Good pic ro!

If I may make a slight adjustment

Attention Rider fans:

Please send all unused tar and feathers to Montreal. The have an OC to run out of town!

When he was our OC, we tried to run him out of town for two years. Since Bellefeuille was the receivers coach last year, he's still got 2/3 of this season, and all of next season to know, to make it fair.....

But please keep it to tar and feathers....... :wink: long will it be before Popp takes on the oc position (one more won't hurt)....and tells Bellefeuille to take a hike....AC is suffering under this guys schemes....hey wait a minute...Cahoon carries the team...catches everything thrown his way...kicks field goals...get him to take on the oc duties....Popp will show him how to put on all those hats.... :lol:

Ben Cahoon as OC.
First down "throw it to me"
Second down - repeat if necessary.
Third down - "don't worry, I got it"

I have no problem with that!