How is this for a 9th team in the CFL

I am not for this idea but I am also not against this idea. This idea is just a thought that I would like to share with you guys.

Ok here is a idea for the 9th team or possibly the 10th team if Ottawa comes back.
How about we follow curlings lead and have a team Canada?
Now hear me out.
When the tournaments are played, every province and territory is represented plus there is also a additional team, Team Canada.

The CFL could creat a Team Canada that plays all its games at other existing stadiums. Thats right, it would not have a home feild, but rather play against all the other teams.
Now here is the other option. Since Team Canada has no home feild it would be cheap to opperate the team and would offer a extra game for each team which would generate more income for the rest of the league.
Now you guys may have other ideas but I just wanted to share this with you as a possible way to get the 10 team to balance things out.
What are you thought?
For or against it and why?

So how does this team generate revenue to, oh say, pay its players and staff?

I vote no.


Yea I thought about that but could not find the words to explain it.
But here goes...
Since every game is a away game and a additional game for each team, then team Canada should be subject to royalties. want a charity case.....


I read up to "Now hear me out."


Its not what I want, its just a idea and you are free to interchange this idea.
And how would it be a charity case in the first place when it is offering each team a additional game and increasing revenues for the team.
Keep in mind that each team only makes money on of the games played which are at home.
No team makes money as a visitor playing in another city.
Its not charity , its bussiness.

Not a charity because you're not giving them money to keep them afloat when they don't have enough of their own sources of revenue to pay their bills themselves?

You say "each team only makes money on the games played which are at home." That in itself says they don't have the capability to fund themselves; therefore, they rely on charity of others, who use their own stadiums and staff as resources in an effort to turn a profit for that game.


I do not like the idea but you could have sponsers pay for each game the non team has. But this would take away sponsership money from the league would it not. So NO this would not work. I can see three cities in the east coast sharing a team playing home games at three different sites. But other then that it would not fly. :lol: :lol: :lol:

JM02 I do not think you understand how royalties work. I dont mind you saying NO, But you are missing how royalties are a product of good bussiness.
Team Canada would not take away from any existing team, instead rather put 18 new games into the league and thus sharing the costs and revenues from each game played.
There are also other options out there as well.

I'm not overly concerned with what you think. You have no idea what my background is. I believe a roving team with no home base has no place in this league, and I highly doubt you're going to change my mind, but I also highly suspect you'll try.....go hard!

Bad idea. I still say no.

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Horrible idea. No one would want to play for a team where they essentially don't have a home to go to after the game, where they are on the road all season long.

I don't mind the idea. One of the reasons we all want expansion so bad is that it brings a freshness to the league. A new team to play. Maybe as a temporary measure while we are waiting for a stadium to be built in Halifax or something like that. After Ottawa joins back in, a game could be played on the bye week for a team instead of having a bye. Maybe, the team could be an Atlantic team or something like that.

What about import rules and all of that? How would that look? You could give them a home base or home field to work out in etc. It might even start to gain fans in the east and prepare them before they get this new stadium built...I know, what stadium?

I guess I just wouldn't give it a definitive no without exploring the idea a little.

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