how is the weather there

approx. 6 ft of snow predicted for buffalo over the next 3 days

I wonder, will it affect bills home game. Will it affect Hamilton and the east final?


I usually go to, but their forecast for buffalo is nothing like the usa network news forcasts, so I am unsure how accurate it is for Hamilton.

Looks like it will be 6 degrees of cold, wet, misery. Perfect weather for Football.

Watching the news this morning - only a few centimetres of of snow in downtown Buffalo but just a few miles to the south east - 100 centimeters!! all lake effect. 60 centimeters at Orchard Park, their worry will be melting this weekend.
Shouldn't be a problem if you are going the Bills game.

We're at the lee of Lake Ontario. Buffalo is to windward. Prevaling winds mean that when they get dumped on we either escape or have a much milder dumping.

Now 4 days prior, the forecast for Sunday is somewhat improved. Compared to what was forecast earlier, it’s now looking to be a bit warmer (High 8, felling like 5 with the wind factor) and a more windy (now SW @ 20), but the chance of showers is down from 70 to 40%.

Don’t care what the temperature is. Just hoping for no rain. Rain means half the fans will be on the concourse again, which means less noise.

The Bills are asking for fans to help dig out "Ralph Wilson" . With the temperature going up to 10C on the weekend that will be that wet heavy stuff.

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The Sunday forecast for THF keeps getting better as the days go by. Now, 3 days prior, it looks like a mostly sunny, and warm (High 9,) but still somewhat windy (SE 20 km/hr), day is in store, after 18 hours of high chance of showers comes to an end, or at least decreases considerably, early game day morning. Great news for fans but, I think, also better news for the visitors than the home team.

Sunday weather

The odds are that the game will be postponed. Erie County and Orchard Park will simply not have the resources to provide security to the game. Add to the rain that is expected, a greater tragedy could be in the offing with the potential of roofs collapsing all over the South Towns....

Both Cuomo and Poloncarz have also cautioned against hosting the scheduled Buffalo Bills game on Sunday.

“If you ask me today ... my two cents is it’s impractical to do the game,? Cuomo said.

Orchard Park, where the stadium is located has been under a driving ban.

Poloncarz said he also could not assure the Bills the county could provide emergency personnel and sheriff’s deputies at the stadium Sunday. The Pegulas are heading to Western New York from Florida, he added.

“I’m sorry Buffalo Bills, we have a major emergency in this community,? he said on Wednesday. “That’s more important than a football game.?

How did Hamilton make out for snow accumulation? We got about 8", oops 20 cm of the stuff here in Kitchener.

Good luck with that :roll: For $10.00 an hour and a ticket to the game ? Gee where do I sign up ? :roll:

Yup - really looking forward to reasonable weather at our game on Sunday - but will be thinking of my friends down in Buffalo. With that snow pack - two more feet being added to the six feet already on the ground in some places - that's 8 feet of snow. With winds gusting over 30 mph can you even imagine how big the snow drifts will be. We get 3-4 foot drifts with six inches of snow - eight FEET of snow - that has to mean 20 foot drifts! Insane!

And just think of how heavy that will get with any rain and melting. Already some roofs and walls of homes and businesses have caved in. This has disaster written all over it.

I think (unfortunately) that Bills quarterback legend Jim Kelly could be right with this comment.

"To be honest with you, I've been here 28 years and I have not seen anything close to this," Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly told ESPN on Thursday. "I know at my house, I have a good 7 feet now. Like I said, I have never seen anything like this. "There's no possible way I can see them playing this game on Sunday."

Kelly, however, said the warmer weather could bring more problems to the region.

"People can have fun now," Kelly told ESPN. "But when that warm weather rolls in, the bad stuff is really going to start happening."

Good luck friends in Buffalo - I'll be thinking of you!