How is the 5 yards on a punt new rule working out?

Anyone who was at at ex game so far, how is the new rule working out on the no yards? Confusion with the backtracking of the tackler and 15 yards?

They called it in the Wpg game at least once. Hopefully, players won't take as long to adapt to this change as it did for some NHLers to learn not to hook, grab or dive --- esp in playoffs.

Early in the Toronto game, the refs called the new penalty. Toronto's coverage was backing away and drew the 5 yarder. The radio guys said it was a very obvious way to make the distinction between the penalties and should help clear up some of the debatable calls.

That’s good. I’m thinking though that a strategy could be to run down on the punt and, if possible, get as close to the returner as you can, even within 5 yards but stop quick and backtract say leaving you about 3-4 yards away from the returner so you can still tackle him, and this will just be a 5 yarder. But maybe easier said than done perhaps, it might not be possible to be this precise always knowing when to backtrack. Can’t wait to go to Fridays preseason game here in Hamilton and see.

it good to hear that the rule is working out, and that people are starting to make stageries about it.


it happend a few times in the WPG game

I thought they took away the 5 yard rule this year - that all penalties were 15 yards. What exactly is the rule?

the new rule states that if you are caught inside the 5 yard limit even if the ball bounced it is a 15 yard penalty. If the ball bounces and you attempt to get out of the 5 yard zone it is only a 5 yard penalty

that is is you are off side, if you are on side and the ball is losse, go for it!!!

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LOL. Actually I thought this new rule WAS the old rule but the officials just didn't enforce it.

Seems to me you are right.

Hrmm i thought that was the rule before as well...what was the rule before? 15 yard penalties off the punt were given out quite often last season.

The rule last year was, if the ball was caught in the air and an opposition player was inside the 5 yard halo there would be a 15 yard penalty. If the ball bounced and the oppositon player was inside the 5 yard halo there would be a 5 yard penalty, unless he was directly intefering with the punt returner.

This year's rule, the opposition player has to be showing intent to get out of the 5 yard halo (if the ball bounces) or else it will be a 15 yard penalty.

The rule was put in place to prevent players from hovering over the punt returner when the ball bounced.

better, helps out the refs, and makes the game a lot simpler to follow.

So, if a player breaks the zone, but retreats back, he will only get 5 yards, on all cases? yes?

KK that was already explained adnausium

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