How is Joe?

First time poster on the lions site.Congrats on the win.We are going to keep on getting better and the ticats will be a force in the very near future.Any word on Joe? I love watching the other team get rocked,but no one wants to see a player get carted off the field.Hope hes ok.

oskee frickin wee wee

they said he was walking around the room after the game

I thought the Ticats were much improved, hopefully you guys keep it up, makes for a better league when all teams play well.

Its unfortunate about the reffing but thats the nature of a bunch of blind old men calling games. They end up screwing everyone eventually lol.

The Ti-Cats have made a big improvement..(at least for that game)

Reffing the last couple seasons has been terrible..Only places like Montreal,Toronto,and Edmonton get all the breaks..while other teams suffer with these 5-10 yrd penalties

oh stop the whining.
Montreal has been the highest penalized team in the league for years. Now its Hamilton's turn.

If my memory is correct... Winnipeg under Dave Ritchie led the league in penalties one year. I even think the Lions led in penalties one year when Greg Mounds was here.

Seems like Joe is ok!!