How is it possible playoff tixs already sold out

Stupid ticketmaster log in at 10 to get my tixs and none available, anyone else have issues?

I have many issues, but not with ticketmaster lol.

I didn't think they were selling them through ticketmaster yet. Have you tried contacting the Ticat office??

They were there is a presale today @ 10:00. I got an email directly from Jim Edmunds about the pre-sale today

11 am for most first day sales....U2 , anything My past experience ..

Unless it was a scam, that is the only other thing i can think of.

i allways by tickets from Jarvis street .... was the first i have ever had ticketmaster mentioned regarding tickets for Ham Town......Good too no if you can keep us posted ...

November 9th 2009 if we win in Winnipeg they will go on sale....

Just actually got a call from the Ti-Cats office, as we speak, got my tickets. :slight_smile: JOY! They apparently are selling out fast as season ticket holders got first dibs. Thanks Chris!!!
I'll be (hopefully) at the game on the 15th!!!. I usually deal with Jarvis as well but didn't know the pre-sale was not online only. Just a note they are charging Labour Day pricing for playoff tickets

I already bought mine through my season ticket renewal.

Whoa, whoa whoa!! Hang on...they're selling tickets for the East Semi-Final now?
If so, I gotta get on this!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

I got mine as part of the season ticket renewal as well.

Pssssssst to Ticats office.........the City has temporary metal bleachers hiding behind the green barn at Turner Park up on Rymal Road beside the new library.

(of course, we're jumping the gun here as we need to win the game first.)

Totally we are. But, I don't really want to be shut out of this either. Might have to rally the troops at hockey tonight to throw some cash down.

Anyone know if Flex-pak prices still exist for this one -- I assume not, but worth asking.

Me too!!! Now lets get the game!!!!!!

Nothing more needs to be said… lol

LOL I'm surprised nobody else commented on that so far..

I have a feeling that this game is going to be sold out once we win on Sunday. Gonna be a great game!!!

If you want to watch the East semi-final live you should be booking your flights to Winnipeg as soon as possible.

There's an airport in Winnipeg ?.....

Next thing, you'll be trying to tell us that they have indoor plumbing too :lol:

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