How is DeAndra' Cobb coming along

I have a request of all of the fans of DeAndra', I'm residing in Las Vegas , Nevada I'm Earnest his father and cannot attend training camp would please keep me informed of his progress, Thank You so much!

A quote from todays afternoon practice report:
“Running back DeAndra’ Cobb wowed the crowd with an extremely quick spin move to elude defenders. Over two seasons at Michigan State, Cobb excelled as a kick returrner, running back 64 kickoffs for 1,632 yards and a school-record four touchdowns.”

Here is a link to the whole article:

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Just keep an eye on the main page and these forums along with the drew edwards blog found here:

There are a few others interested in your son so you should hear enough about his progress. Good luck to him!

I wish him well. It sounds like he can be a dynamic addition to the club if things work out for him.

Welcome to the site!

Oski Wee Wee,

I'll try and get some shot of him Russ today

Welcome to the forums Papa Cobb! I should be at the training camp on sunday and i'll give ya an update. We'll definatly be rooting for him. If you're dying of curiosity, I'd suggest to email Drew Edwards from the scratching post link above. He is the Cats News Guru around these parts and an overall super nice guy from what i've been told. He'll have the freshest news.

hey father,

check your inbox, i sent you a private msg with my observations.

watched him today and he couldn't catch a pass too save his life. the only way he makes this team is as a returner but i don't even really see that happening.

This thread was started by his father.. show a little respect maybe. Typing something like "couldn't catch a pass too save his life" is totally unneeded.

Seriously.. whats wrong with you? Do you kill a puppy to start each day?

he wanted to know how he was doing. i was sitting right in front of him and he dropped everything they through at him.

Respect, grammar, and spelling (ie. "too" should be "to" save his life, and "through" should be "threw") might not be enough to save Makaveli from being an embarassment!

All the best to him. But if he can’t catch a ball very well, he won’t make it in the CFL, even as a returner you have to be able to play a position, roster size is not big enough.

this is a form not a novel... if people can understand what is being typed / written why comment? and about the respect i can say he is doing great and will make the team but what good does that do? if you read through all the training camp posts there have been a few people that have said his catching needs alot of work.

I think you may mean "forum".

and about the respect i can say he is doing great and will make the team but what good does that do?
Um, that's not respect. That's lying. You're confusing the two.
if you read through all the training camp posts there have been a few people that have said his catching needs alot of work.
Saying his catching needs work is more respectful, and if you're mentioning other sources then it's a good idea to cite them.

Here's an assessment by GBonds88 from another thread about training camp.


"DeAndra' Cobb - DeAndra' will no doubt get a shot at making the team as a return specialist. Cobb looks to have amazing break away speed and good vision when returning kicks in the video's I have watched of him. I think he might be one of the surprises come training camp, look for DeAndra' to contest with the likes of veteran back, Terry Caulley, and 2nd year back Tre Smith for a shot at being Kenton Keith's backup(Thats assuming Kenton has dropped the NFL weight and regained his past CFL form)."

Why comment? Because it goes to credibility. Quality looks like quality.

Maka? Did a forum search on Cobb. Where are these other folks who said "his catching needs alot of work"?

Papa Cobb? I'm hearing good stuff about your son. He made the first cut. Be proud!

once again im pretty sure you know what i was saying. How is saying someone cant catch lying? I was watching him for over 2 hours yesterday and he dropped almost everything.

That's not what I said.

Please read my post again.

he should be proud his son played college ball and had a great career. He got invited to a professional camp and gets a chance to play with the vets. But imo he doesn't have the skills to make the team because he lacks good hands. If he wants to make the team he has to knock out a tleast one of keith, caulley, or smith and i really dont see that.

From the above cited thread, gerbear9 wrote, "This Cobb guy at RB looks good and suited well for the cfl ."

Onknight posted,

" Running Back Cobb #14 Takes the Hand off From Kevin Glen #5"

There you go. An honest opinion presented in a respectful manner.

Dear Mr. Cobb,

Thanks for visiting this site to follow your son's progress at training camp. Of course there's no way of predicting how things will turn out, training camp is pretty competitive, the roster isn't as big as in the NFL and people need to be able to perform well in a couple of capacities--- even starting RBs and receivers often serve as kick returners.

Your son made the first cut and got to the main camp. That's great. As you can see, people have noticed DeAndra's speed, while others think his receiving needs to improve. I hope some of the unique features of the Canadian game (bigger field, no fair catches, etc) will let him show off his strengths. Here's wishing him luck and success in the CFL.

Please come back often to follow the news, and visit the Scratching Post by Drew Edwards in the Hamilton Spectator.

If he makes the team, be sure to come to Hamilton for a game sometime. We're all hoping for a much more successful season this year than we've had for the last few. It would be great if your son can help make that happen.