How is Dave Stala not our Most Outstanding Canadian?

I just don't understand how the team could even come to this decision and not pick him. He was clutch for us all year and further proved he was deserving of the Canadian honor yesterday.. I'm not gonna knock the player who did receive the teams nomination but I don't think the team made the right choice..

Now on another note, I will be convinced this team and or league is worthless when it comes to acknowledging their players if Stala doesn't receive the CFL Comeback Player Of The Year Award..

I guess I'm just a little upset over the fact that he has given the team and this league everything he had this season and hasn't been recognized for any of it.

I hope he is back and better than ever next season and wins Canadian Player Of The Year!

Great Job This Season Dave! Us Fans Appreciate Your Effort More Than Anyone Else!

Can't disagree with too much there. I think Glenn and Stala have a nice working relationship and Stala did not look his best until Glenn became the starter. By that time, it was easy to overlook Stala's performance and a lot of the voting was done by that time.
Stala will be back and as long as he stays healthy, will be a real go-to guy next year and will undoubtedly be the Most valuable Cdn.

I'm not sure such a thing actually exists.

This guy kept us in how many game this year, Stala is amazing. This is a Hamilton boy with the heart of a tiger. He is our CahOOooon. We have to find an award for this guy. Why don't the TiCats have team awards from the fans. :thup:

To be honest I don't think there is an official Comeback Player Of The Year Award but I'm almost positive the league honors a comeback player each year..

So if that is the case I'm hoping Stala gets his due respect and acknowledgement for truly being the 2009 Comeback Player Of The Year!

I will say it again, that first touch down catch yesterday was the best of the year. Dave seem to come out of his shoes to grab that ball. Comeback player of the yr. indeed and a great story for the ti-cats having a native Hamilton boy doing so well.
Doc 8)

Apparently, Us Fans Appreciate Stala's Effort More Than the Football Reporters of Canada.

Are the Football Reporters of Canada the team you are speaking of, GB?

Forty-one (41) voters from the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC), representing each CFL market and a national chapter,

plus the CFL’s head coaches were asked
to select players from their local CFL division

who, through on-field performance excellence, best represent the awards’ title

– Outstanding Player, Outstanding Canadian Player, Outstanding Defensive Player,
Outstanding Offensive Lineman, Outstanding Rookie and Outstanding Special Teams Player.

The voting was done eary before the season was over
and Dave had a few outstanding late season games.

Can you name any past winners?

If BC wins one more game I think their current QB would siphon off some votes (if there were such an award, that is). Even more so if they win two more games.

The more information I try to find on a CFL Comeback Player Of The Year Award the more I just see articles of reporters giving their opinion on who it should be.. Maybe it is just something the media does?

I just assumed that the CFL had such an award since the NFL has one and it is a great way to honor those players who have battled their way back to top form, from a previously sub par season or seasons.

I think this is an award the CFL should seriously look into having..

Also to answer your question Ron,

Yes I guess I am referring to the Football Reporters of Canada as the team I was speaking of. Thats another thing I was under the impression of, that each team picks their nominees for these awards and then the voters (ie. Football Reporters of Canada, CFL head coaches, fans and players) vote on who should take home the the overall CFL honor.

To be honest wouldn't that make more sense? Each team knows their players better than anyone else in the league and/or media. This way the players nominated would be a little more accurate.. Case and point Marwan getting both the Lineman and Canadian player of the year awards, You are telling me Marwan was more deserving of the Canadian player of the year nomination over Stala? We was clutch for us all year, every time the team called his number on those 2nd and long conversions he seemed to always make the play, he never dropped an easy ball, maybe dropped 1 or 2 tough catches all year.

I hope everyone gets where I'm coming from now, and understands that I was not trying to be negative but just ask why Stala wasn't even nominated.