How is Brent Hawkins doing?

Does anyone have an update on Hawk? Would sure be nice to see him back.

word is he's not coming back due to his injury to his shoulder and I'm gonna bet he'll be gone next season.

anything i have heard also says he is done for the year, and that his return at all is questionable.

what a waste of talent... if this injury forces him to quit football it will be a shame.

Another jesse lumsden

I talked with him at the Don Narcisse Charity Dinner in June, i think it was June.

He had serious hostile feelings towards Henry Burris about his injury. He blames Burris.

Just sayin'.

why? did Burris kick him in the Shoulder? did he dance so much that he left Brent standing in his Shorts?

I don't understand...

He re-signed with the club today