How important are us fans to the CFL dollar wise?

How much do you think you spent last year just because of the CFL? I think I probably was around $3,000.00+. Most of that was a 3 city road trip though. Still a lot of money when you think of it spent on the CFL.


I need to factor in how much I spent on cable to watch the games. Travel gas to games and parking. Tickets of course. We’re talking around a grand… Earlier years would have been much much more.

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Nah Bobo, it was $200… in coupons.

LOL. Well knowing Kev it was either coupons or…Monopoly money !!!

Last year, not a single dime.

The years before that…well let me work out the math.

750 - Season tickets
150 - Team Merch (some years, just a Jersey, others various items. Varies, but think that’s fair)
440 - Booze (4 beers per game avg, 10 home games and lets say 1 away/playoff game at ten bucks a beer.)
60 - Food in Stadium (didn’t have time to eat, buy something at the stadium)
50 - Away or playoff game tickets

Total: $1,450

So close to a grand and a half to the CFL’s coffers depending on an away trip and playoffs, and that’s before travel, drinking/eating before the game.

So now, lets factor in the other items not going to league coffers.

50 - Away game travel
200 - Pre/post game drinking & eating per season

So the season costs around $1,700 before a possible hotel room

Now we add the Grey Cup to that mix. Lets start with league only revenue.

165 - Tickets
25 - League festival event access
100 - Booze between the festival and the game (5 beers each? Most drinking done outside)
20 - Merch (A Grey Cup Pin, a Lanyard and some other nick nack)
10 - Food at the game

Total $320

So now the other costs around the game.

Now I have generally only gone when it has been within driving distance (IE: Toronto or Ottawa). I’ve yet to fly out for one, so lets work out just a nearby Grey Cup. I didn’t need a hotel in Toronto, but did need one in Ottawa, so lets say one day at a Hotel is the cost, since I generally would stay for at least two days.

150 - Hotel (split the difference, Ottawa needs two nights, Toronto I stay at home)
50 - Travel (split the difference, cheaper in Toronto, pricier for Ottawa)
100 - Food over two days
70 -Booze over two days (Beer outside the game and events is a bit more reasonable, but math here is fuzzy)

So $690 for the Grey Cup

That means our grand totals around $1,700 for a non-Grey Cup year and $2,390 on a Grey Cup year, conservatively. That’s also doing the Grey Cup on the cheap.

Yikes, no wonder I was able to save as much as I did last year.


I see what you did there.

One pair REDBLACKS, midfield. Two road weekends to Hamilton. Swag, transportation, munchies. Forgetting some things for sure.

Around five thousand Canadian dollars.

Didn’t want to hit quote on Hammers so all that gets repeated but as I read it thought the Grey Cup costs where quite low especially in another city. All in all it seems we manage to spend a fair bit. Where I live on the west coast even a home game is a road trip for me with a night in a hotel. Calgary or Edmonton would be a flight from Comox or a summer camping trip. Ya, just like Cris Hatfield sang about. In Canada.

Has anyone seen a financial planning lecture where the speaker says “If you put away just twenty dollars aweek from the time your child is three to the time he’s eighteen you will have saved a hundred thousand dollars”?

If you added how much money I have spent on CFL football since 1973, with interest, the amount is in the millions by now.

So, yes, I’ll take a piece of the league, if you please.

Just give me the upper west deck at BMO and we’ll call it even.

The guys who watch football on television are putting little into the CFL. So how many fans are watching the boob tube, and how many going to the games? How many people are wearing team shirts to sit in the rec room, and how many buying merchandise to wear in the crowd?

Friday Night Football pays TSN.

Attendance and merchandising pays CFL.


But don’t forget that TSN pays the CFL.

Attendance remains the league’s biggest source of revenue, but broadcast rights and sponsorships are also essential, and should be the drivers of future revenue growth.

If TSN cut their broadcast rights package by 50%, CFL teams would have to cut their salary cap to approx. 3 million

If TSN got out of football (ie. no money for TV broadcasts) then CFL would exist very dangerously - but only around the 1 to 1.5 million salary cap . . . DRASTIC REDUCTION

Only reason TSN stays in the game is because they’ve lost Bluejays to Sportsnet/Rogers, 1/2 of Raptors and over 1/2 of pro curling.

Plus they know if they don’t hold onto the CFL - CBC and/or Sportsnet would pick the thing up - S-Net has a ton of extra platforms in the summer!