how help reach out the cfl to other football fans?

I have noticed when you enter a bar or pretty much any place in Ontario when a football game is talked about or being watched it is Nfl and even US college football but no talk of the CFL. So what I don't understand is these people who are football fans will watch a college game but think the CFL sucks? So how do we as CFL fans translate these football fans into watching our game. I have asked a few NFL fans who never watch the CFL. Pretty much everyone says the same thing. If you allowed the best players who do not play in the NFL to play in the Cfl they would watch the odd CFL game. Most of the guys say they would watch if the CFL had bigger and faster players. I guy pointed out that some receivers in the NFL are bigger then some of the linebackers in the CFL. So what do you think?

My best advice is, don't worry about it.

People are sheep, they'll believe what's marketed to them.

The games are different. It's like trying to convince somebody that carrot sticks are a better snack than potato chips. You could present a million arguments for them, but people are still going to buy potato chips when they're looking for a snack.

Well said zbest. I have found most of these sorts don't know their arse from a hole in the ground and wouldn't know how to appreciate something unless it has a big USA flag on it.

And they don't understand what the national championship football game, the Grey Cup, is all about in the first place. It's a bit too beyond their comprehension. I have found over the years I tend to dissociate myself from these sorts at least for watching football but that probably means, at least in some parts of Canada, you have to really look to find quality people like ourselves, CFL Canadian football fans who are little bit smarter and wiser than most football 'fans' out there. :wink:

Remember, they have some problems in the noggin and in some cases, only something a psychiatrist might be able to treat. :wink:

The only thing i could ever compare it to is the old trap NA hockey vs European Hockey

Sure the NFL has bigger players on a smaller field closer together, but its slow moving play after slow moving play. The CFL is smaller players ona bigger field allowing lots of movement and lots of action.

Can't really say one is better than the because the players in each league (with exception for maybe the CB and WR's) are built for each style of game.

I'm sure its safe to say most CFL fans don't worry about people thinking the wel packaged NFL is better because they know the difference. But if you ever wanted to compare the two just ask NFL fans if they like run and gun west coast pass oriented football of the 80's 49ers or teh GB packers of the 90's....cause thats the NFL's version of CFL ball.

Go CFL!!!

Ask these guys for examples? Who is bigger and faster then whom? I've taken a close look at player sizes, and there really isn't much difference. For example, Jeoffrey Reynolds is 5'10", 221 lbs. Clinton Portis is 5'11", 220lbs. Reynolds is the top running back in the CFL this season, and Portis is leading the NFL in rushing thus far this season with 995 yards. These guys are the same size...Same with QBs, linrbackers and many of the recievers. All the same size. Winnepeg's Doug Brown is 6'7", 305 lbs. That's a big man! Patrick Kobongo is 6'6", 315 lbs. Sorry, they just don't get much bigger. Ti-Cat QB Quinton Porter is 6'5", 228 lbs. QBs don't get much bigger. And then there are guys in the NFL like Steve Smith, wr with the Carolina Panthers. He's a 2-time pro-bowler. He's 5'9" and 185 lbs, smaller than most CFL recievers. The recieving corps of most CFL teams are now quite tall.

As for speed, whose to say? I think that Charles Roberts still holds the all-time rushing record in NCAA Div 1A football. He must be fast to earn a record like that. And which type of speed? North-South, East-West? I do know that players at the NFL combine are typically .2 to .4 seconds faster at the 40 yard dash than players at the CFL combine. But there are no American college players at the CFL combine...

I once asked a friend, a big Colts fan, how big Joseph Addai was. He had the impression that this guy was huge, because that is exactly what he said "He's huge!". Turns out, Addai is 5'11", 214 lbs., smaller than guys like Joe Smith and Jeoffrey Reynolds. But Addai is a top tier running back in the NFL.

Did you know that the 2007 Superbowl champion Indianapolis Colts and the 2006 Grey Cup champion BC Lions had the same average height and weight? Yep, I crunched the numbers, average height of 6'1" and average weight of 221 lbs...

Fact is, there is very little size or speed difference. It's just a myth. Hit your average NFL fan with a few facts like these and watch em crumble... :cowboy:

Ricky Williams looks about the same size playing with the Fish as he did with the Argos compared with the other players. American TV makes the players look bigger with the big stadiums. Anyways, who cares if say the average player is a bit bigger anyways? I don't, I watch the game. Anyways, nothing to fret about. I like both CFL and NFL, the more football the better.

I was going to use Rickly Williams as an example but I couldn't help but think that he was at a disadvantage with the Argos as they just couldn't open up the running lanes for him to exploit. But you're right about his size and speed. No big difference. I noticed the same thing watching Kenton Keith play for the Colts. He was just running the ball for consistent gains... :cowboy:

I always get shocked looks from people when (they ask first) I tell them that I don't like hockey, and that I don't watch NFL football. Like I told one person today, 5 minutes left in an NFL game, you already know who won. 90 seconds in a CFL game still allows for the team behind to make a score.

make a score.....or two


The best way to convert people is to have them watch a game or two. My brother used to be one of the masses that criticized the CFL... the players aren't as talented, the play isn't as good, etc. Well, last year I talked him into hosting the Grey Cup at his place since he has a big screen. After the game he said he enjoyed and it might actually try to get into the league. I don't think he's watched any games this season, but he's still slowly getting into the NFL, so it might take some time. Anywa, I was thinking of asking him to host the Grey Cup again this year. Who knows, maybe a second Grey Cup will give him that extra push to watch the CFL.

it's all about money.

the money, glitz and glamour is in the nfl. that's why they get all of the best players and that's why we watch.

it's all about money part 2.

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