How Healthy is your D?

I'm just curious how Healthy your defence is right now?
I kinda figure that your defence will be on the field a lot as your offence most likely will be slightly stunted. (disclaimer: I am in no way saying that I think our defence will roll over your offence, but lets be honest here). Just curious.

...Billy did Kent send you course you're 'curious' about the 'd'...and so you should be...actually we are in pretty good shape....Bolden was a ? for awhile...but he says he'll play on Sun. the rest are healthy as they can be at this time of year....all starters are a go....Bombers o line are in very good shape and are going to have to play the best game of the year...i know they'll give 110%...considering the qb. situation...and that's as honest as i can if you want to know any of our trick-plays for the Cup.....don't know of any..heh heh.... :wink:

come on papa, we are old friends here you can let me in on a couple trick plays. I swear I won't tell anyone.

Good luck this weekend. Its gonna be one of the greatest weekends in CFL history.

lol. nah he is truthful, the d is looking pretty healthy, and will be roaring to go, and i think you d might get a little stunted by our ability to move the ball with ryan.

Boldon if he plays will not finish the game,

he may not play the complete game, but the only way to keep him off the field is to shoot him.

With the way Bolden is gonna play, the Riders can only wish he was off the field!

Well I'm willing to bet the Riders will take care of him on Sunday, and he will be Bolten to the dressing room :slight_smile:

I'm just curious, other than juran bolden (who is a warrior through and through and has played hurt (well) the last two weeks, name one question mark for the bombers on the 'd'. We got the front seven intact with haywood playin like a beast, gavin walls, doug brown, and of course tc, cam hall is one of the rookies of the yr steppin it up recently,ike charlton maybe has struggled a bit but hes a player, and oh ya, a guy named barrin simpson is dyin for a cup ring. As far as the secondary, Bolden WILL play, but even if he doesnt, sam young is no doormat, and with kyries hebert flyin all over the field,i don't think it really matters who the hell is in the backfield. But oh ya, We got some guy named robert bean who is loooooong overdue for a pick, especially after last week. A couple guys Malborough and Malveaux ain't too shabby either, but even as a bombers fan I will say I like Malveaux, but he gets beat alot, but again, look for Hebert to be all over that field. So, there you go, that is how healthy our defence is. I will take the bomber's front four over the riders any day, although fred perry is a force for sure.

I'm looking forward to this game so much, a rider's win would be great for them and I think their fans are almost as classy as ours from encountering them at the banjo bowl and I plan to go to my 1st labour day next yr. I wont make any predictions because this game is impossible to predict, but it feels good to have a Grey Cup worth watching, I just pray it is not a blowout for either side.It is a middle finger to most fans outside the prairies and it feels great, the real fans will have the spotlight for once.

Hope to see lots of green but alot more blue and gold in those seats on sunday.

GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BISONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biily_Soup, the news is not good. Barin Simpson is on a hunger strike, Heibert has gone back to Ottawa and Brown got a finger in the other eye. He will now require a full body visor. The backfield are constantly on pot and constantly yelling "We Are Marshall's". Marshall said things were pretty normal so far. Best we can tell you.

And don't forget about Westwood who is joining the Spicegirls he's letting his hair down and going to tour with them, might as well he can't kick field goals, outside the 30.. LOL


Didnt watch the Eastern Final I presume?

Since when is Westwood on defence?

GOOD LUCK AS WELL BILLY....and you're right it's gonna be one helluva' game.... :thup: :rockin:

I could be wrong, but I think the Bomber defence is as healthy as it has been all year.

Bolton is suspect.

Other than him?

I think your defensive backfield had a revolving door at practice most of the year, not unlike the Riders (who I believe used the same starting 5 DBs 2 games in a row for the first time since July on Sunday).
The Bomber D looks good right now, and that should allow Dinwiddie the opportunity to get comfortable out there.
Should be a good game!

Go Riders!

Not too likely anyone will say anything about injuries before the game. And that goes for the Riders. Have been looking for the ouch report but nothing anywhere. Guess that is par for the game. We will have to watch to see had the players are reacting to hits. Here’s hoping nobody gets hurt (on both sides).



....yeah he's singing the blues lately....Michael that is....not Juran...he might suit up....according to him , he's gonna suit-up....but he won't be singing... :wink: :thup: