How hard is it to defence against a rouge?

All the single-points off missed field goals that I can remember were due to the returner taking a knee. Every attempt at running the ball out of the end zone that I can recall has been successful (two memorable recent successful attempts are the ones at the end of the Hamilton @ Montreal semi and the Laval vs. Mac Vanier Cup). The only return attempt that comes to mind that wasn't successful was the one at the end of the Montreal @ Toronto game, where they tried to kick the ball out instead of run it, which resulted in a touchdown. Even this attempt might have been successful had two Argos not bumped into each other after the first kick.

In general, how hard is it to run the ball out? Like, say, what is the failure rate when it is attempted? At what point on the field does become so difficult to run the ball out that it make more sense to try to kick it out?

Just wondering.

you do realize that in CIS football, they get it at the 20 automatically if they take it out of the endzone right?

where as in the CFL they don't?

...single points and field goals would be easy to defend if you could sign someone who could jump really high

Yes I do realize that. Do you realize that, despite being topical, it has no relevance to the question?

Ugh. Just realized I wrote "defence" instead of "defend" in the thread title. Apologies to MadJack, and to my dignity.

hmm, regarding your dignity, have you tried turning it off and on again :wink:

How hard it is to defend the rouge depends on the situation. I mean most rouges be it by punt or missed field goal aren't worth defending as the 35 yards of field position is seen as more valuable.

Defending the rouge only becomes important when its the end of the half where ensuing field position doesn't matter or end of the game where 1 point will decide the outcome win, lose or draw. The difficulty in preventing the rouge depends on from where the play is being scrimmaged.

I remember a regular season game in 2001 between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts. The game went into OT. Paul Osbaldiston was injured and the Cats lacked a backup. The Cats missed their field goal and the Argos ran it out. Needing only the match or better, the Argos ran the ball twice. From the 20 or 25, the boatmen sent out Prefontaine who punted it in the air, over the dead-ball-line, out of the reach of Rob Hitchcock for the single and the win. Lame.

I admit the instances whereby a point is scored through the air for the win are extremely rare, nevertheless, I don't see the the feat of an elite athlete kicking a football from the field of play over any little corner of a 65 by 20 yard goal area out of the reach of any defenders as being worth a victory.

I'll say it again... rouges should only count on kicks into the goal area that are returnable.