How good of a kicker is Medlock?

Carolina Panther fan here, I was just wondering do you think that he has what it takes to be in the NFL now? Right now he was brought in to compete with Olindo Mare who was given a very lucrative contract(4 years 12 million), but has been pure garbage since his arrival. Could Medlock be our guy?

Being a left footed kicker, it may be tough for him to make the cut. If he does, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

I don’t think he’ll have much trouble, the kicker before Olindo before was brought in was with our team for about 14 years, and was left-footed we still have the same holder so I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

Yes, absolutely. He has an amazingly strong leg, and makes 50-plus yarders look like chip shots. He is also very accurate, hitting nearly 90% last season. I would normally say being left footed would a problem, but the Panthers had the left-footed John Kasey all those years, so Carolina is used to that. I think he can easily beat out Mare. If he makes the Panthers, I know who my fantasy kicker will be in 2012.

I'll be shocked if Medlock doesn't make your team, he's a phenominal kicker. Strongest most accurate leg I've seen in a long, long while.

When he was with Toronto in 2009, he made three from 50-plus in a single game, if memory serves. A great, great place-kicker who definitely is good enough for the NFL, IMO.

And that's 90% on a Canadian field where the hashmarks are 17 yards apart, as opposed to the 6 1/3 yards apart in the NFL, so you often have to deal with tougher angles.

Excellent point. I didn't even consider that.

IIRC, the CFL allows kicking tees on field goals, while the NFL does not.

Is this right?

Yes, but Medlock doesn't use one.

That is correct, a kicker in the CFL is allowed to use a 1" block. The NFL has always outlawed them, they were also banned stateside in college ball in the early 90's. Medlock kicked his fg's off of the ground.

One of my best memories as a Ticat fan was watching Justin Medlock hit a 50 yard fieldgoal on Aug 13 of last year against the blew team, and then running past the arblows bench and pumping his chest :lol: ! <---- I flew in from Saskatoon for that game and had tickets right behind the arblows bench :rockin:

I'm going to miss the guy, I wish him all the best in Carolina, if he makes it ! :smiley:

The fact that people are responding to two separate threads on the guy at the same time should tell you how well thought of he is here.

I have absolutely no doubt that given a fair opportunity to show his stuff he will make it either in Carolina or anywhere else in the NFL.

This team will miss his great skill for sure.

I wish him well. He fully deserves the chance he is getting.

You guys are set. Canadian ball is bigger and heavyer than American ball and he could hit 52 yard field goals here no problem. You'll love the guy and he's got a "football player" personality which is rare in a kicker.

I was actually going to post on Carolina's homepage about Medlock and how we wish him well in Tiger-town, but I was too lazy to register. To answer your question, I would say apart from maybe Paul Mcallum who is a league vet, there is no question Medlock is/was the best place kicker in the league and he's still young.

Also consider Ivor Wynne Stadium has often been said to have some of the strangest wind in the CFL that's also a credit to his skill.

Thanks for the replies, hopefully missed kicks like these are over. :cry:

Used to be true, but not anymore. The balls are virtually identical and have been since Wilson took over the CFL contract.

National Football League football is specified as; short circumference: 20 3/4 to 21 3/4 inches (527 to 540 mm), long circumference: 27 3/4 to 28 1/8 inches (705 to 714 mm).
Canadian Football League football is specified as; short circumference: 20 7/8 to 21 1/8 inches (530 to 537 mm), long circumference: 27 3/4 to 28 1/4 inches (705 to 718 mm).

The specs are different between the two leagues, but the balls are manufactured to the same size.

Thanks, had no idea. That kind of skews every passing and reception stat. Oh well.