How good is new RB Brian Calhoun?

3rd round NFL draft pick.
Just turns 26 tomorrow.
Sprinter speed, was part of the PAC 10 Champion 4 x 100 relay team at Wisconsin.
Was asked to convert from RB to reciever at Colorado, switched schools to Wisconsin.
RB that can catch like a reciever is GOLD in the CFL.

Welcome to Hamilton Brian Calhoun!!!

He ran well with Lions but they did get my a real Shot

He is a good player. It was too bad he tore ligaments in his knee twice or I honestly think he would have done well in the NFL. I think he will succeed in the CFL with our wider fields... I was honestly hoping the Riders would sign him after he got cut by Detroit.

Calhoun is a good player. Played great at Wisconsin, but knee injuries ruined his chance in Detroit. He could be a really good backup to Cobb. The guy is fast as all get out too, which gives him an excellent chance to play here.

I thought that if we were going to keep Keith here, then we could use Cobb on returns. Cobb has returned kickoffs before, as you can see here:

It looks like that may not happen now. But that may not be a problem. Obie said that Calhoun could return kickoffs and punts in this video: I wonder who called about 1:55 into that video though; it was funny to hear the phone ring there, but I digress.

Calhoun could be a good addition to this team, and could be a reason Keith was no longer needed.

So good that I always used him as my backup RB for Madden when playing as the Bills in my franchise mode rebuild :lol:

Interesting but Wisconsin is not in the Pac 10, so I guess you mean Big Ten or ? :?

Third round NFL draft pick at running back (not fullback, who are usually not taken before the 5th if drafted at all) is about the cut-off before hide odds increase against the running back for a long career, but definitely the odds are way lower than for up to a second rounder amongst the running backs chosen in the NFL draft.

Of course I'd like to see him perform better in the CFL too.

Brian Westbrook-3rd round
Frank Gore-3rd round
Marion Barber-4th round
Brandon Jacobs-4th round

Yes indeed good examples and Michael Turner 5th round and others of course past and present too, but you’ll find many more names of feature and starting backs from the 1st and 2nd round with the success rate higher.

As I have posted separately under the JaMarcus Russell post, by comparison the chances of picking a solid feature receiver in the higher rounds are not as high as for running back though especially for some reason since 2004.

My main point of Calhoun being a 3rd round pick was simply the fact that you rarely see players in the CFL that were ever drafted any higher.
This might be a good trivia question but who has been picked in the 1st or second round of the NFL draft and came to play in the CFL in the last 5 years?
The list can't be too long.

Great point indeed.

Because the list is so short that I'll go back ten years to 2000 and I hope you aren't put off if I do that, as there have been to my surprise more than I had thought.

Ricky Williams (though an anamolous situation to be fair and now one of the few big backs [230+] since 1970 to feature or star in the NFL since 1970 as discussed separately under the Kenton Keith post in the Tiger-Cats forum)

Andre Rison
Lawrence Phillips
Peter Warrick (Offseason/Practise Squad Only At Montreal)
R. Jay Soward
Ike Charlton
Jacoby Shepherd
Willie Middlebrooks
Quincy Carter (Same situation as Warrick)
Akili Smith
Tim Couch
Shaun King (ditto Warrick with Hamilton)
Robert L Edwards III
John Avery
Patrick J Johnson are good!
Nice list.
Nobody really knocks my socks off as far as a great CFL player.
Middlebrook is pretty good.

And don’t forget Ticat favorite Travis Claridge, 2nd round 2002.
Player of the game in his only full Ticat game keeping Joe Montford FAR-FAR away from our QB.

If the round, in which a player is drafted into the NFL, is such an important stat in determining a player's success, then Calhoun (3rd round/ #74) should be twice as good as Cobb (6th round / #201) in his first CFL season which is great -- we'll have a 2400 yard rusher and a great returner (Cobb) too!

Avery, Edwards and even Phillips had good seasons up here. You're right though, Middlebrooks is probably the best of all of them.