how good is Duane Ford?

what a good sounding team, of Black and Ford...big improvement over year past.

Duane Forr'd a stud. Good for pickup for TSN, big loss for The Score.

I haven't made up my mind yet. He seems to make some good comments... it's just his voice I'm not sure about. :lol:

hes yet to studder, mispronounce names or screw up.

i still think the best play by play team i ever saw for the CFL was Suitor and Dunigan did a Rider game a few years back....both guys are smart and full of energy and brought stuff to the brodcast i've been waiting someone else to match

So far I'm not that could just be the Rod Black factor though.

I hate Rod Black.

Love Forde, the guy sounds classy and knowlegeable, and has played the game. Black, well, he's just an announcer whose job is to make curling, baseball, football, whatever, sound like it's the best but the heart might not be there in anything particular, he's just a professional sports announcer. But really, nothing wrong with that when you get down to it. He knows how to deliver a broadcast professionally even if it might lack something or other. I guess I neither like him for sports nor dislike him although I don't know what that means.

Black is TSN's sportscasting jack-of-all-trades, which means he's passable but not good at whatever sport he's calling. I was really impressed by Forde, though. Solid analysis and much more polished verbally than I thought he'd be in his first colour commentary outing.

Ford may be knowlegeable but does not have a broadcasters voice- sounds like a dumb comment but to me it actually becomes noticeable during broadcasts.
Clearly though Suitor is the best colour guy. He is enthusuastic, knows the game and does not shy away from making his opinion known. He makes the game more exciting to watch.
And, of course, he once played for the riders!!!

I think Forde did pretty good on the Ham/Montreal game. I got used to his voice and he had some good insights into the various plays on the field. Black I'm not so sure of. The rest of the TSN gang are great, IMO.

turkey, I think that is one reason I actually like Forde to be honest, he doesn't have that squeaky clean broadcasters voice but then isn't a Chris Walby also, whom I liked BTW but Forde should be able to much more than Chris ever was.

I agree, Turkey... something about his voice.

And who kept saying AC 'wasn't the fleetest of foot' last night? That was getting as annoying as Mark Lee's 'up the gut.'

Forde's not bad, he will get better. He has a very reserved personaility. Not that this is a bad thing but it's hard to see the enthusiasm, that he obviously has, come through.

Forde will be good. You can tell the guy has brains, being a fellow Western grad and all.
Even better, he's able to put together three words without getting mixed up. Unlike the three stooges who used to be on that CBC panel. Surprising Greg FRehrs and Sean MIllington didn't find a job with TSN. NOT!

Duane Forde is very knowledgeable, great pickup by TSN.

Chris Cuthbert & Duane Forde would be great.

I didn't like him. He doesn't have a professional braodcast voice or annunication. TSN should look at employing Chris Walby for that job. For play by play I don't like Rod Black either. Cuthbert and Suits are the best broadcast team ever.

Forde is great, very knowlegeable and has a good voice.
He could work as a third person with Chris and Glen.

Is that a joke...? :?

Everyone needs their fill of "overneath" and "underhead" sometime too :wink: