How Good are we really?

simple question… if you analyze everything from the past 2 1/2 weeks, how good are we?

realistically - sorry to say - i see us fighting for 3rd place... and its the D i see needing to fight back harder than our offence. Lets hope im wrong, but I see it being a modest 3rd place at possibly 9-9 or so... which hey, thats still a decent record from what i've seen in my short lifetime.
I'm just happy i'll be attending a few games at empire this season !! woop woop....

Rider Pride Nation Wide =)

We’re tied for first!

A freak of statistics - a 4-way tie in a four-team division. Simply friggin' incredible :slight_smile:

But seriously, there is no reason why we will not be in the heat for first place. The pre-season meant little and I give it little weight in my deliberations. And I'd say that same thing if we had won both games.

Absolutely. Preseason means nothing win or lose. Last year when I was able to watch some of the early season games into about August, the team was so up and down I didn't know what to think. I know it's a cliche, but all that matters is the Riders make it to the playoffs, which they should do. Having said that, first place wouldn't kill me. Question: Can you listen to the games on the radio's stations (CKRM) website? Go Riders.

If our DE’s don’t make an impact, and they aren’t replaced, THEN we’ll be playing for third. IF the DE’s are as dominant as last year, we can contend for first. It all comes down to performance.

Yes you can listen to the Rider games on CKRM.

Choose high band with if you have high speed internet.

We should contend for 1st, no reason not to. I really don't see any of the other Western teams making moves to distance themselves from the Riders. Every West team lost some key players, and they all have question marks. I see a similar situation as last year with no team really distancing itself from one another.

If either Chick or Baggs comes back, then you could see the Riders rise above the pack a bit..

Very true, however I doubt either returns. I could see Stevie Baggs return to the CFL, but he'll go to the highest bidder or team the most desperate. I doubt Chick will come back with his reported signing bonus in Indy.

Baggs , i think is more a possibility to come back than Chick, but either or i'd welcome them back with open arms, and yes either of them comming back would be PHENOMINAL! - hadnt really occured to me that that is a possibility. lol- Well you guys are right, there is no reason... just for whatever reason i dont expect much... i guess this way i can't be disapointed...

I can see Baggs and Williams back.. Although I don't know if I'd want Williams back. He was really not doing his job as well as some other guys could. I think B Simpson will make them forget about Renauld..

Simpson is a true hard working, kick ass LB while I always though WIlliams was a little scared to fill the holes.

That's exactly where it's at. I agree that Simpson is a more than adequate replacement for Williams; but the key to the Riders' season are the new ends.

If they (and whoever replaces Eddie Davis) come at least close to the production those guys gave you last season, and Durant shows that his great 2009 season was not a one-off wonder, then you're in competition for first place.

If not, however, you might be in a spot of difficulty.

The DE's are highly unlikely to come close to doing what Chick and Baggs did. I would be really surprised if they did. I do expect them to play well and get pressure on the QB's and hopefully they can pick up some sacks. I think the Riders offense can make up for what they might be missing on defense. I really think they can be the the best offense in the league and Wes Cates will be a big part of that. Special teams is going to be very good as well. As long as Durant is healthy the Riders will challenge for first.

I admire your confidence Lady Green.

I'd just be a tad concerned about the running game though. Running backs seem to have the shortest shelf life in the CFL, and I have this feeling that Wes Cates just might be past his 'best before' date.

Thing is, it's not that hard to find a quality running back. Tons of them coming out of U.S. colleges.


RB's from the US are a dime a dozen. great RBs are harder to find but you can easily find a RB that can do the job sufficiently anywhere.

I think the focus is going to be primarily on the passing game, we didn't run the ball a whole lot last year either. I'm not worried about the run game, Cates won the starting job because he can pass block as well as any back in this league, not because he's going to rumble for 1500 yards and win the rushing title. He also catches very well out of the backfield.

It's funny because in the early part of 2008, our rushing game was carrying us and Cates was among the top in the league, and only 1 year later the run was an after thought and our passing was really carrying the offense. It's strange how quickly it changed.

I find these statements ridiculous. If it is so easy to find RB's, why is it that the Esks haven't had a good one since Avery. (I may be forgetting someone but come on really).

Yes you can always find someone to carry the ball, but if you want someone to be actually a weapon in your arsenal then you need to search through a gross or two.