How far?

I was wondering how far you guys think this winning streak of the lions will last. So far DD has been doing excellent but I'm wondering how long it will take DD to wear out.

I personally think he will last a couple more games only. Four at the most. Sooner or later their opposition is going to catch up to Geroy, Thelwell and all them.

I doubt they will be caught in the sense of losing one and collapsing. That is not likely. They will likely not go undefeated all season no matter how well they play.

If they do, that would be incredible.

If they get by edmonton next week, I think they will go 10-0 before losing to Montreal.

montreal, yeah right, they will be breeze if we keep this momentum

When are you guys in Ottawa, that could be a tough one. Ottawa plays everyone hard.

edmonton might be a tough one if they can beat edmonton its over for the rest of the westrern teams

Haven't we already played ottawa? And We already have beat montreal once, easily if I might add. The next game should not be a problem. Edmonton will be interesting cant wait for that game. Right now im not sure who is the toughest challenge for BC.


We haven't played montreal yet

Edmonton will destroy you ladies in your own house, you and your 20 fans that show up, ricky ray is the better qb, we have a better WR core, you have a better running game, but hey our defence will shut antonio down easily.

oh ok so maybe im getting a little ahead of myself

I wouldnt say that if I were you, B.C. is gonna whipe the floor with them, and Edmonton with a better receiving core?Your kidiing me, B.C. has the best receving core in the league

The only reciever Edmonton has that I'd ever consider an upgrade is Tucker, and he could take Anderson's spot as backup

ok , westcoast instead of lisetening got you talk yourself stupid after jsut smoking a dubbe, here is some facts

edmonton's receiving yards
mithcell 510 , tucker 477, hervey 331, gaylor 294

B.C reciving yards

simon 377, thellwell 351, clermont 245, simmons 218

now with the 1 game in hand geroy would need 267 in a game to equal mitchell, and he's your best receiver so this us having one game in hand has nothing to do with us having more receiving yards, westcoast look at theese sats and tell me what you think

Hmmm…according to my math, 510-377=133, not 267. I see the Alberta school system cutbacks are showing again! :roll:

I see you like to correct people

Only when they make mistakes! :lol: Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Lions fan too, but if you’re going to quote stats, make sure you do your math correctly. 267 isn’t even close to being the difference between 510 and 377. I don’t doubt the facts. Just get them right! :roll:

Another reason that Edmonton’s recievers have much more yardage is because that’s all that Edmonton does, they throw the ball. They don’t have the greatest running backs, so they have to make up with throwing the ball very well, which Ricky Ray does. But I think that if the Lions D got to Ray somehow and made him play a horrible game like he did in Winnipeg, the Lions would easily pull out another W, and hopefully those W’s keep on coming.

I would like to see where he got his figure.

Im not sure who would really win between the two best teams in the cfl. It sure would be an interesting game. The truth that I see is that you can compare Edmonton stats against BC stats all you want but really it doesn't prove anything. Does anyone agree with me. For all you people know is that BC will get 1000 passing yards and edmonton gets 5(very unlikely i know). And of course that could easily be reversed for those would prefer it. Noone can really know how well either team will do against each other. All teams are different one way or another.