How far would you go to take in a game?

Not as on a holiday but as a regular season ticket. How many hours would you be willing to drive each way? On a camping trip to the prairies I once drove 3 hours to Regina and back that night for a game but I don't think I'd do that on a regular basis. I'm wondering because I was thinking how far 3 hours would take you from Moncton NB.

I'd do 3-4 hours as a special trip once a year or something like that, though I'd probably stay overnight and return the following day or make a weekend trip of it.

Here's some info on the population around Moncton, according to this site:

100-km radius: 300,000
200-km radius: 1,400,000
300-km radius: 1,850,000

Right now we are driving about 120 km each way, about two hours. That is probably my limit, especially for 7:30 starts.

Myself, Iā€™m a 5 hour drive to a Lions game so with out staying for the night there is no way. I did get three games in one week on a road trip across the prairies. That was real good.

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I go all the way to my sit down stairlift and drive up the stairs. It is so exhausting. whew

I started attending CFL Games in Regina on a fairly regular basis (several games per year) in 1986, got season tickets in the 90's. Never lived closer than 2.5 hours, one way, until 2002. I now live in Regina but drive to Saskatoon, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary and fly to Vancouver to watch U-sports/University ( but that is to watch my nephew). I have also gone to Orlando and San Antonio to watch football.

Good on you for making all those trips.

The CFL needs more fans like yourself.

I drive to every Ticats game against an Eastern Division team.

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Seattle to B.C for a game all the time .(even though I'm a Ti -Cat all the way just gotta be at the games)