How far outside the stadium can your hear the music & p.

I'm in the Ottawa St S area..could hear music and p.a loud and clear!
Anyone farther?

You knew when you moved their you would be in the vicinity of the stadium . The noise from the stadium is no louder than any other stadium and is to be expected .The music complaints are getting very boring now . Wear ear plugs if it`s bothering you .

I've been living there almost 12 years and its been only the past two that I could hear the music and p.a.
I guess its a problem if its a continous complaint..don't you think!?

I live straight across the bay from IWS and I don’t know if I can hear the music from there because I’m at the games. But I CAN see the stadium lights, which are on well after the game. Cut it out, that really gets in the way of my star-gazing. :wink:

Seems all we hear are complaints these days .....

a co-worker of mine told me last year he was at a friend’s house on the mountain brow during a game and he could hear the PA. not clearly mind you, but he could hear it.

yet i still can’t hear it clearly under the press box most of the time. 2 and a half years and ticking and still no improvement there…

If people are complaining they need to get off their butts and get to the game!

I wish I lived across from IWS.


I will saw however, that my next house purchase will get strong consideration in the IWS area simply to make parking less of a game-day challenge.

After a few seasons the saving on parking and gas will pay for the house. A many few seasons that is.

In 99 we heard the crowd at Sherman Ave S and Cumberland Ave. I now live in Ottawa S and Lawrence Road area and can't hear a thing because the crowd in my section is awful rowdy. LOL

Indeed, this is getting very boring.
How is this my problem?
Imagine how loud it it less than 25 m from the speakers up high in Section 7.
If somebody can hear it 2 km away, the P.A. and music are too loud and the music (?) never stops. Paying fans shouldn't have to wear ear protections at a public event for which they pay an admission price.
Please turn the volume down to a reasonable level and stop the constant aural assault.

enough about the music