How early did you leave

10:00 Min Left 4th I Left ..
Why Waise my Time when this team had no Effort

This Team Played hard in Montreal..
I was happy with the Effort.

Tonight I was Just Angry with The lack of Effort..

I left my balcony to vent here 5 minutes into the third quarter. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

when we lost the coin toss, ...just kidding

End of the third...most boring game that I have ever witnessed, could not stand to watch it anymore! Disgraceful!

Six minutes left...couldn't stand it anymore.

After the last WPG TD. 29-0

right after I lost 50-50 once again:) about 8 minutes left

but hey I stuck around about 45 minutes longer than the entire Tigercat team did :thdn:

1-0 Winnipeg in the first!!! Hahahahaha. Just think, this game could of ended at 1-0!

I stayed to the very end. Always do.

3rd and 19 from our own 20 against the win and we run a fake punt for the 3rd or 4th time this year with no success. Who called that play. Bob, you owe my friend and I $70

I stayed to the very end. Always do win or lose.

6 minutes left, First time leaving early in years. It was just a boring game. Was falling asleep with the horrible play. They did not even give us anything to cheer about.

Left with about 6 minutes left , just could not take anymore, this team or should I say these players have to learn to be a team and show some emotion on the sidelines. Lancaster looked like statue on the sidelines-- doesn't care too much ? These guys have stop playing as individuals and start some chemistry on this team or else it is going to be a long season!!

I stayed until the end. I always do. I was obviously not happy tonight but I feel for the players when the stands start to empty before game ends.
The players do not like the result of tonights game any more than we fans do.

The real issue is what is the problem and how do we solve it?
Mr. Caretake I am a partner with you in this venture and I say get into the dressing room or on the field and find out what is really happening. You have paid for a good bunch of professional players who have not been able to get the job done.
If I knew what the solution was I would pass it on to you immediately, however I know from my many years of people management that if the team doesn't work in sync we look to the manager. What is going on in the coaching ranks? What are they doing to help these young men?
Mr. Bob I think it is time you and the GM got alittle closer to the action before more fans start to walk and your investment goes down the tube.
I am not being critical, only suggesting management practices that worked for me over many years.

I stayed right to the end so i could boo my guts out and get my money's worth.

I always stay to the bitter end win or lose but for the first time in 14 years of having Ticat season tickets I walked out on a team that just didnt showed they care!Brock Ralph answered a fan tonight who said “Come on Tigercats lets play!” with an loser answer like"If you dont like how we are playing just leave!"enough said!

I stayed to the end as well...Then i get home and find out they released Yeast?..What a crock!!One of the best special teams players in the league!!
Mind you this is also the GM who realesed Ronnie Williams and replaced him with nothing more than a promise!!
Mr Lancaster...You released the wrong person!
Mr Young...There is no guarantee that i will be a returning season ticket holder again next year

Left at the end of the 3rd quarter. Could not stomach that GARBAGE anymore!

Right to the end.

I'm a sucker for punishment.

When Winnipeg scored their first single in the fist minute, my son said to me "There's your game". I guess he knew what he was talking about.

BTW ~ We have great individual talent on this team but they care too much about their own performance and not the team. As you know, there's no "I" in team but if you mix up the letters, there is a "ME".