How does the playoffs work?

I heard it is the top 3 team from both devisions, or is it top 6 teams between both, or what is it?

Top three from each division qualify, unless the fourth place in one division has more points in total than the third place in the rival division - then they'd cross over.

So say bc lions is in last place in their division, but then say in the other division bc lions has more points then the 3rd place team they make is to hte playoffs?

Yup, in that case BC would cross over and play as the 3rd place team in the east

No, the Lions would cross over and play the SECOND place team in the East.

I would love to see BC represent the East in the Grey Cup!

The cross over team never gets a home game though. Even if they have more points than the 2nd place team in the other division, they still play on the road in the playoffs.

If we adopt the NFL style for playoffs where the First Place Club gets a bye and the remaining 4 teams are wild carded, then the THIRD place in the West could host a playoff game instead of being on the road.