How does picking your seats work for ST holders?

I'm planning on getting Season Tickets for the Lions next year. It'll be my first time getting Season Tickets for anything so I'm unsure of how the process actually works. I know that with the Canucks, they bring in everybody to pick and choose their seats from ones remaining in the stadium, is that what happens for the Lions as well or do you simply say "I'd like to get seats in Sec. __" and they simply pull up available seats and that's what you get? I'd like to get seats in the first row in the Bronze section on the Lions' sidelines if it's possible. What are my chances? Thanks!

better get those tickets fast cause they will sell 20000 this year.and yes you just phone lions office and tell them what price range you want and they will go through the best available seats until you agree on a seat.the silver level is the best deal though.we,ll see you at the game

Hate to correct you there shawnbly, but they had 21,000 season tickets last year, what makes you think they are going to drop this year? David Braily say's they that realisticly they want to get 25,000

You put a request in for where you would like to sit and they will assign you seats.
However tell them you would prefer better seats if they come available and they will put you on a list. Current season tickets have until the end of March to renew. After that, the seats are released for re-sale. That could be you best bet.

Make sure you put a $100 deposit down by Dec. 15 on your tickets to be guaranteed this year's prices. There's an increase after that date.

In my experience, you can be about as specific as you’d like with where you’d like to sit. I was on a waitlist and gave a range of about +/-3 rows and +/-5 yards and they came back to me with seats right in that range. Of course, the sooner you get on a waitlist the better your chances will be of getting the seats you want.

I have to say that the Lions’ ticket staff has been extremely helpful over the years. They’ve always been friendly and I always feel like they go out of their way to make sure I’m happy.