How does one contact Ticat players?

Is there a place to do it through this site?

after the past couple seasons ... look under a rock !

not many Post here ...
DJ Did for while..
Your best chance is to contact the Ticats Offices..
or wait to Camp ..

Find someone who has a personal connection with the players or infiltrate the TiCat organization.

Probably the easiest way would be to simply address a letter to them c/o the Ticats main office.

I'm sure they would accept it and pass it along to the player.

Join an opposing team and get on the special teams unit. There's lots of contact there.

Stalking is illegal.

well to answer the topic, you crouch down low, and ram your shoulder into their midsection and wrap your arm around them and....

If they aren't in the phone book it is probably for a reason. Who are you looking for?

One might tend to ask rob 35 who he has a load of manure for

This site is just full of comedians. :roll: :wink: As stated above the office is probably the best way to do it during the offseason.

Wait for the players wife to post and kindly ask her, almost all the wives post on here defending the husbands in case someone boos them or calls them nasty names. Yoko just caused a good thread to be locked.