to finaly shut those little lion fans up, we won, YOU LOST BLAME ON THE REFS ALL YOU WANT , but we went home with the big W

yeah thanks to a fantastic punt by guys really had to struggle to get within field goal range.

THATS YOUR KICKER, why couldnt KING casey birng the ball out farther then the 21 yard line???

hm could it be another penalty that was called. were you even watching the game?????or are you reading the sports highlights

no i was right on the 30 yard line. and i saw that you guys had to kci the ball very deep in your zone , undicipliend play and jsut a bad QB that cost you that game

Casey has not proven much this year. Except that he is selfish, whines, complains, and can only rack up yards vs. teams with horrible secondaries(montreal/winnipeg).

I agree with your assessment of printers. Consider that printers, buono, and omahoney are probably causing dissention among the team. Buono, because he won't cut his friend who could not kick if his life depended on it. omahoney because he can't kick and should not be on the team and printers who only cares about himself and his nfl aspirations and does not get along with buono. This is just a guess but the lions are in a tail spin and there has to be a reason. These could be some of them. I hope Bob Ackles gets involved and does something about this situation. enough is enough. trade printers, fire buono, and cut omahoney.

I like this guy. Trade, fire, and cut all in the same post. Brilliant!