How does it feel Rider fans?

Yesterday on TSN during the Cal-Edm game the TSN poll was: "which team will represent the West in the Grey Cup?.........BC, Edm, or Calgary?"

Must be great to be playing in the Eastern Playoffs, Eh?!
That's the new CFL for ya.

Yeah, but the next poll will be who will represent the East in the GC, and I bet Sask will get a sizable % but Montreal will take the cake.

If Ottawa would have won more games they could have been there instead of Saskatchewan.

Wow your smart Roughyfan.
The knowledge that you rider fans have.
If Ottawa won a few more games.They could of been there instead of Saskatchewan.That is so good.Who would of thunk it!!!

I’m sick of hearing the crossover screwed Ottawa over, it didn’t, Ottawa not winning enough games screwed Ottawa over.

Who is saying the crossover screwed Ottawa?
You guys had the better record.You deserve to be there!!
Nobody is saying Ottawa got screwed.
Montreal is probably happy to have The riders as a stepping stone,to get to the Argos!!
See you in 2 weeks Montreal!!!

Why is there so much debate going on about the crossover then?

becase some people are just idoits who don't see how great the CO really is.

There is no debate!!
Doesn't really matter if it is Saskatchewan or Ottawa.They would be destroyed by Montreal anyways.
Nothing personal Ottawa fans.Until you get new owners you will not be a contender.Which is to bad,because Ottawa has good fans.

Saskargo, You really have been annoying me pretty much ever since I joined here and I think now is the time I speak out. You show no respect to any team in the CFL besides the Argonauts and you ESPECIALLY disrespect the Riders just really gets on my nerves.. I'm not asking you to post nice things about every team but the fact that you constantly tear down other teams and their accomplishments (for example the Riders making the playoffs). I for one find that ignorant and immature. I hope that Saskatchewan plows over Montreal and then Toronto the next week not just because I'm a Rider fan but because I want to see you finally show some respect.

I don't recall her dissing any other CFL team except the Riders. She has never dissed the Bombers.

Well, if that is the case then why can't she show that same respect to the Riders? What have they done that is so terribly unforgiving?

Jeremy only disrespect your riders.
I never bash any other teams on here.
So get the facts straight when you start yapping!!!
Another typical rider fan.

Maybe she does it because it bugs you guys so much :wink:

You can keep on telling them that ro1313.They just never learn!!!


I think you should PM J why you hate the riders, Saskargo.

Best Fans in Canada, They are on for the ride,GOOD or BAD.

When will they learn that you love to bait people
I would have to say that when it comes to baiting you are a master

Maybe YOU are the one that never learns. I do get upset when people bash my Riders. I can take criticism as well as the next guy but when someone says, "Man, do the Riders suck" or in your case "Saskatchewan is a stepping stone for Montreal" stuff like that gets under my skin because you're just saying it without explaining why you feel this way.

Like I said before Saskargo, I'm not expecting you to start cheering for the Riders or even complimenting them, I just want you to at least back up your comments with some form of an explanation, it would be grealy appreciated.

Personally I just take it all with a grain of salt, albeit sometimes a pretty durned big grain... :slight_smile:

I'll just keep cheering for the riders, but I do hope that some changes are made to make this team less streaky in the future.