How Does it Feel BC?

Well you did it to us last year... this year we returned the favour...We needed this win badly for momentum if we are to have any chance in the playoffs.
This was a hard fought defensive struggle....and actually not a bad game just low scoring.
BC your first place hopes lay in the hands of Calgary..should make for a very exciting game tomorro

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!

Really lousy.
I've been following the Leos since '63, and the way the wings have come off this high-flying plane is awful. Right now, I honestly don't know why I should support this team - especially this offense that is flat, flat, flat - a total repeat of the way last season ended - except this year we won't be playing at the end of November.

Oh come on. It's not that bad. I'm a Bomber fan. How do you think I feel?

I feel your pain one knows this better than Rider Fans...BC had a great year but there wheels have fallen off..never give up hope though..WIn or Lose I will always cheer for the Riders.. I am hoping for you guys or Calgary to represent the West in the Cup..

I still believe in the Lions even though they haven't really given me any reason to by their play of the past 7 weeks but I will always support my Lions. It's the playoffs, anything can happen.

Da Lion's are done...
Which is more pathetic..??
The Bombers early exit..
Or the Lions lost Dreams...

my vote goes for Lions lost dreams, but Winnipeg sad display at the begging of the season was pretty bad too, but the Lions caving in in the last few weeks must be one of the biggest downfalls in sports.

I don't know, the Alouettes of 2001 were pretty sad: 9-2 after 11 games, then lose their final 7 games to finish the season in third place at 9-9, and lose the semi-final in Hamilton.

B.C. 2005 would be close, though, since people were talking about them going 18-0 just a couple of months ago. Especially if Edmonton wins today, and the Lions lose to Calgary next week.

The lions are embarrassing this year... start 11-0 and may not even finish!

But then again, BC losses aren't as bad as this.

talk abou opening up a can of *******

I do believe BC would have been much better off not going 11-0..............if they had lost some of those close early games probably would have changed the teams whole attitude down the stretch

wow kanga - do u live on the 'net? pretty sad about the bball team though - 112 - 2 - OUCH!!! as for the lions, an utterly dismal finish - the only team they beat in the last 7 games was wpg - not much of an accomplishment considering how much we suck this year!!!

i kind of like calgary or sask right now, although with all the vets on edmonton, i think they'll be the team to beat and they finally have a running game now w Davis.