How does Hamilton have such bad teams year after year?

Every year Hamilton looks like they are going to improve, yet every year they always seem to look even worse. From seasons in which they had only one win the entire year, to starting seasons with 8 game losing streaks, to now where they are once again the bottom of the league. I just don't understand how with all the off season moves this team has made, this team keeps ending up having seasons like this. Good on you Hamilton fans for supporting your team so well during this time.

Don't expect many fans to support them next year, and the reason why we supported them this year is because before the begining of the season it looked like we had the best team, but its the worst as you can see.

Big Daves gonna have a big headache.

I honestly thought they would be challenging for first in the east before this season started. It's bizarre how you can have so much talent on a team, yet have basically nothing positive going for the team. I feel bad for you hamilton fans.

Poor Dave....he doesn't deserve this....

Well, autumn's not that far away. I suspect fewer butts in the seats once the Bulldogs get up a running for the year.. that is, if the Ti-Cats continue being the league's "JTTS" (Jobber To The Stars).

Last year by now, I would have spent a few hundred BUCKS on beer, hot dogs, pop, peanuts, hats, and T-Shirts, kids treats here in Ottawa. At least you have a team....
Don't forget, a couple of years ago when Hamilton and TO were in trouble the Globe and Mail, and the TO STAR weeped and wailed about them going broke....Gosh, the only football teams in Canada....

Honestly can't fathom why they're so bad this year. I thought they'd be second in the East for sure with the acquisitions they made. But now that it's obvious it's not going to work, they should be making changes to try and turn this around while there's still time. Unfortunately I think this may be a case where they won't bother.. after all, this is a business, and they're still raking in the dough becuase the Hammer's fans show up no matter what.

I honestly thought this team was going to be the East's representative for the Grey Cup.
On paper, these guys are good! But, of course, we don't play games on paper. . .

Sorry to see Hamilton fail great expectations. Hopefully, fan support doesn't erode too much or the league may have to save Hamilton in the future. Frankly, I'm unsure why Hamilton has underachieved despite good talent. There seem to be a lack of chemistry or compatibility? Once Grey Cup champions, Hamilton has long been in decline when losing became a habit.

I'm with esk123, I thought the Ticats would be much improved this year because of all the CFL proven players they brought in...and I feel bad for the long suffering Hamilton fans to...but I'm like the brother (argos) who doesn't want to see anybody beat up his brother (ticats) but

Now if I was running the Ticats (scary thought) I'd say OK, our QB got bad wing, we haven't any real go to receivers, but we've got a big fullback who can block and we've got a couple of pretty good RB's with a young guy (Davis)waiting in the wings. So why don't we put in a couple of TE's and lets play a little smash mouth football...and that means keep running on 2 and 4, not an automatic passing down that doesn't work.
With defenses now all geared to stop the pass with their small LB's, I'd like to see a team try to run a defense ragged with sweeps, pitch outs, end arounds, roll outs and dump passes for the first half to soften them up and then see if the new so called conventional (5 WR's and 1 RB)offense will work.
Couldn't be any worse, would eat up the clock and keep the opposition score down.
Note: this only works when the ball carriers don't fumble. :slight_smile:

i'm scratching my head too! i thot they made some key acquisitions in the off season and as a bomber fan, i was actually a little worried about them. just goes to show, i think they should have stuck w marshall for the rest of the season, or at least another 4 or 5 games. what's up w maas, ranek and homes though? as much as i like him, after a while, u must start to wonder, y is paopao still an OC??? kavis reed as DC is also a question mark. i think they need to clean house either ASAP or as soon as the season ends!

i feel for u ticats fans - we put up with reinbold and then daly last year, so i know how u feel! keep supporting them though, things will turnaround!!! eat 'em raw!!!

Must be Paopao's lucky karma!

...the Ti-Cats need a new coach.... and a HUGE shake-up.....they had such great potential heading into the 06 season....and its all kind of faded away...Maas looks terrible....Ranek is a no-show (except when he played the Bombers)...the fans in Hamilton must be given a lot of credit for hanging in there...year after ...dreary year....The game against the Riders last night should be the final straw....Methinks there'll be some major changes coming...coaches and players...(possibly some trades) :roll: :?

They aren't alone. Ottawa hasn't had a winning season since the 70's. Sask hasn't been much better, and even the Lions were perennial losers until Wally came to town. Comes down to mgt and Qbing, I think... 8)

I am also disappointed that they are not playing at a profession level. It comes down to two things;

  1. poor coaching
  2. players are not as talented as everyone thought.
    From watching the last two games I would have to say that we all over estimated the talent level of this team. Too many dropped passes, poor pass protection, not opening holes for the running backs, no running game, poor kicking, and missed passes. This all points to horrible talent. Time to blow this team up and start over. Last nights game was embarassing to watch.

This team's problems, all of them, I beleive stem from a poor offensive system that never figured out how to utilize the talent on this team.

From this, we have the same draw play to Ranek run every 3rd play followed by a 3 yard flat pass that comes up 3 or 4 yards short of the stick. A consistent 2 and out offense leads to first a lack of confidence which spawns all these mental miscues, dropped balls, interceptions & fumbles. This of course also leaves the defense on the field much too long with a secondary that is already suspect. Points off turnovers & fatigue again leads the defense down the same menacing spiral the offense falls victim to. Leave the rest of the game to Jerome Erdman's mundane specialty teams & you have a great recipe for football disaster.

The offseason aquisitions left this team in a position to dominate with time of possession & scoring while keeping the suspect defensive secondary (what should have been the real weakest link on this team)on the field as little as possible...

The absolute mishandling of the talent on the offensive side of the ball is at the root of the disaster that is the 2006 Hamilton Tiger-Cats...

It's official now, Paopao has been relieved of his duties, as has the O-line coach, Kani Kauahi....perhaps a shakeup is what this team needs.....

This team needs something. Did they go far enough though?

I like many others were expecting big things from Hamilton this year. Joedavtav makes some good points.

Big Dave, you are close to the scene. What is going on in Hamilton? Anyone there offering any reasons for the shortfalls?

I hate to say I told you so but.......getting rid of PaoPao is a good start, Kavis needs to go too, when I looked at the moves they made in the offseason I could see that these did not address the root of the problem with the team. As bad as the Bomber defence was last year, Hamiltons was worse and they did nothing to address it.

They need to start rebuilding the team around Maas which means a top oline and get a dominant middle linebacker to run the defence, this will take them 2 years at least.