How does Bo Levi stack up/compare with other Stampeder QB’s?

He is the latest in the lineage: Flutie, Garcia, Dickenson, Burris.

How does he rate when compared with his predecessors?

He is the winningest QB in Stampeder history.

He’s the only Calgary starting quarterback to win two Grey Cups; all others won just once.

His accomplishments with Calgary are greater than Doug Flutie’s. The difference is that he lacks charm, like Damon Allen did, and therefore he tends to be overlooked when it comes to consideration of the best quarterbacks ever.

However, he is among the best, and since he is playing currently, he ought to be celebrated more: the Sidney Crosby of the CFL.

Playing in front of Calgary brings him much success.

Can only imagine CFL’s top QB playing in front of such a strong Team.

Simply put, Calgary is really damn good.

Makes BLM look even better.

Definitely the best while playing as a Stampeder .

Out of the four listed Flutie appeared to go beyond the play called and made a play despite the breakdown in execution of the existing play drawn up .

Flutie for me for the length of time and quality of the all around game is still the best QB the Stampeders ever had .

He should have won 4 cups; considering the teams he’s played on…and playing against very weak teams in the east for the Grey Cup.
Probably the only blemish on his record and only reason I would put him behind Flutie. (Flutie kept winning championships after he left Stamps)

As much as I respectfully hate him as a ticat fan; I was disappointed that he was going leave the CFL.
We need all the star power we can get, so happy to have him back; hopefully we can beat him in the next game.

You’re forgeting that Fluties ability to win the big game was in question when he left Calgary. After winning in '92 he lost 2 west finals in cold conditions then lost the Grey Cup in '95. Back to back Grey Cup in Toronto helped cemet his reputation, especially the Snow Bowl which took some wind out of the poor cold weather QB argument.

BLM was in the same boat last year and had he not won the Grey Cup would be looked at much differently after 3 straight losses. Last years win puts him behind only Flutie for Calgary QBs.

What about Peter Liske?

…this I would agree with, then Garcia and Burris/Dickenson in a tie…

John Hufnagel deserves a “passing” mention in this topic.